Top Ten Types of Band/Orchestra Students

The Top Ten

1 The guy that is always out of tune

I've never played an instrument, but I was at a concert and a violin was completely out of tune and it annoyed me for the next 45 minutes - SirSheep

No matter how much they practice, they will always forget what key they are in as soon as they start playing. - Atham

2 The prodigy

Every band/orchestra class has that one student who is a million times better than everyone else, owns a several thousand dollar instrument, and has taken private lessons since they were a fetus in their mother's womb. - Atham

3 The human metronome

Are you loosing track of where you are supposed to be playing? Well hopefully you are sitting behind the type of person that counts by exaggeratedly tapping their foot, nodding their head, or dancing in their seat. - Atham

4 The easily frustrated student

As soon as they get a single note wrong, they stop playing out of frustration. When they are given a mildly difficult assignment, they whine. Why do they do this? Well, it depends. Some people are just like this, whilst for other older students it may be a side effect of senioritis. - Atham

There’s this person who named their instrument Tom and yells at it every time the play a note wrong - sadical

5 The one that never pays attention

This person always misses their queue, either because they are talking with a friend, are on their phone, or are staring off into space. They also play while the director is talking, and they never notice when the director tries to change the tempo, time, or volume. - Atham

That’s me! - sadical

6 The person who doesn't know how to count

Even if you are playing a moderately slow piece in 4/4 with lots of quarter and half notes, this person will still find some way to loose count and play 3 beats behind everyone else. - Atham

7 The prankster

Always stay alert if one of these guys are in your class. You never know when you might get a chair pulled out from under you. - Atham

8 The soloist wannabe

This person always plays loud and clear with a beautiful tone, even though they are the 4th chair violist or something like that. - Atham

9 The guy who always plays meme songs by ear in the middle of class

That person is my favorite person ever - sadical

My class has a violinist who does this. We're tuning our instruments, getting ready to play some Bach, when all of the sudden this guy starts playing the USSR national anthem or Megalovania or something else along those lines. - Atham

10 The one person who always forgets to bring their instrument

Why did they even buy/rent an instrument in the first place if they are never going to remember to bring it. I don't care if the school has instruments for this reason, your instrument is probably much better than the school's! - Atham

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