Types of Books or Stories that Shouldn't Be Made Into Movies

It needs to be made. Many books make great movies, but there's also many that can't be on the screen for various reasons.

The Top Ten Types of Books or Stories that Shouldn't Be Made Into Movies

1 Fanfiction

Fifty Shades of Grey was fanfiction of Twilight right? - Swellow

Need I explain? - Cyri

2 Wings of Fire

The director would want a PG movie, but it would need to be PG-13 for all the violence. - Cyri

3 Warriors

As I said with Wings of Fire, it's an age range problem. - Cyri

Along with age range, the amount of time is a problem. Also, there are a lot of books, and I don’t want it to get the Land Before Time treatment. A T.V. series directed towards 11+ year-olds with a violence warning would be better. - RoseWeasley

4 An "early reader" book

Wondering if that would work for Biff, Chip and Kipper.

What do you use? There is not enough for a full-length film. - Cyri

Dr Seuss movies for instance. There are no good ones. The only good Dr Seuss things on screens were the cartoon ones like the Grinch (animated 1960s) and The Grinch vs The Cat in the Hat. The live action films like The Grinch and The Cat in the Hat were awful. The animated movies like Horton Hears a Who, which was a bad film, and the Lorax by Illumination, which was pretty awful. - iliekpiez

5 Heroes of Olympus

They made a number of HUGE mistakes with the Percy Jackson movies. I don't want a repeat. - Cyri

6 Any book about politics

Controversy would plague the film. - Cyri

7 A creepypasta

After Slenderman, I don't want this to ever happen again. - Cyri

8 A school textbook

Ugh. Gah. Noo. Boring as...I doubt that the critics would even waste their time writing a good bad review. - Britgirl

Character 1 (addition) fights character 2 (multiplication). Multiplication wins be ause PEMDAS. - Cyri

9 A yearbook

This would be between awkward and disturbing. - Cyri

10 A phone book

What are you talking about? I'd totally watch this! Phone books are my favorite literary genre! - tgbhj

Imagine this. - Cyri

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11 An Erotic Novel

I do not particularly want in my life to see another movie like the Fifty Shades trilogy. That would be pretty bad. - iliekpiez

Fifty Shades of Gray, anyone? - Cyri

12 The Encyclopedia
13 The Dictionary
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