Top 10 Types of Cartoon Episodes that Seem to Be Made the Most Often

Here are some of the most common episode types in cartoons that probably seen in several cartoon series.

The Top Ten

1 Camping Episode Camping Episode

There are so many cartoons that have done this - EpicJake

2 Lying Episode

A Character tells a lie that leds to a series of problems later in te episode. - egnomac

3 Odd Couple Episode

Two characters forced to live together with her one being the neat one and the other a slob. - egnomac

4 Star Wars Theme Episode Star Wars Theme Episode

Family Guy and Phineas abd Ferb have both done this. - egnomac

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! had a Star Wars-themed episode.

5 Halloween Theme Episode Halloween Theme Episode
6 Get Rich Quick Scheme Episode

Where a character comes up with some ridiculous ways to make money usually by starting a business or something else, almost every episode of Ed, Edd N, Eddy & Tale Spin is a get rich qick scheme episode. - egnomac

7 Time Travelling Episode
8 Switching Lives EpisodeĀ 
9 Rival Business Episode

Two characters run a business in the same location and both try to out do the other and usually trying to sabatoge the others business. - egnomac

10 Flashback Episode
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