Top 10 Best Types of Children's Books


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1 Roald Dahl Books

Aren't these books meant for, like, second graders? Sure, he's a good author and all (I idolized him when I was younger), but the term 'children' doesn't mean 7-year-olds, it means anywhere from 5-11 years old. Obviously, there are better, more challenging books, like say, Harry Potter, or Percy Jackson. When I was a kid, I was already reading young adult novels...

A few of my favorites by him are James and the giant peach, Charlie and the chocolate factory, and the BFG - Ajkloth

Roald Dahl are really great books! But are not the best to me! - lizard302

2 Mr. Gum Books

Mr Gum is Really Funny! But still not the best books to me! - lizard302

3 Francesa Simon Books (Horrid Henry Books)

These books are the best books ever! - lizard302

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4 Horrible Histories Books

I have only read like one page of one book! It is hilarious! - lizard302

5 SpongeBob SquarePants Books
6 The Secret Seven Books

Right, I have never red them! - lizard302

7 Beast Quest Books

Only a few people I know, because I am a kids, knows them. - lizard302

8 Worst Witch Books
9 Where's Wally Books?

Come on nobody knows weres wooly

Wally not Waldo. The wiki ruins childhood it says Where's Waldo.
Waldo is a dogs name. Its hilarious that the bad guy is the American name spelt backwards Odlaw.
I had magazines Wally's World, Wally's History of the World but then seeing the name Waldo :O

10 Mr. Bean Books

You never ever see them on book. But actually they are on book! - lizard302

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11 Dr. Seuss Books
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