Top 10 Best Types of Children's Books

The Top Ten Best Types of Children's Books

1 Roald Dahl Books

When I was a kid, I acted like a little Matilda.

I love roald dhal he is amazing and his books are so good and entertaining I could read all of his books all day and not get bored

Aren't these books meant for, like, second graders? Sure, he's a good author and all (I idolized him when I was younger), but the term 'children' doesn't mean 7-year-olds, it means anywhere from 5-11 years old. Obviously, there are better, more challenging books, like say, Harry Potter, or Percy Jackson. When I was a kid, I was already reading young adult novels...

A few of my favorites by him are James and the giant peach, Charlie and the chocolate factory, and the BFG - Ajkloth

2 Francesa Simon Books (Horrid Henry Books)

My dad used to read these to me when I was young - WinchesterGirl26

These books are the best books ever! - lizard302


3 Mr. Gum Books

Andy Stanton is amazing. I love him

Mr Gum is Really Funny! But still not the best books to me! - lizard302

4 Horrible Histories Books

I have only read like one page of one book! It is hilarious! - lizard302

5 SpongeBob SquarePants Books

It is on T.V. and sometimes on book! AWESOME! - lizard302

6 The Secret Seven Books

Right, I have never red them! - lizard302

7 Beast Quest Books

Only a few people I know, because I am a kids, knows them. - lizard302

8 Worst Witch Books
9 Where's Wally Books?

Someone hack the wikia and change Waldo to Wally.

Why the live action movie will be awful.
1. They are using the American name Waldo. Can you please not ruin my childhood.
2. Who is going to dress up like him.
3. The animated series in the 90s had 13 episodes.
4. Remember the magazines Wally's World and Wally's History of the World with the sticker books.

Come on nobody knows weres wooly

Wally not Waldo. The wiki ruins childhood it says Where's Waldo.
Waldo is a dogs name. Its hilarious that the bad guy is the American name spelt backwards Odlaw.
I had magazines Wally's World, Wally's History of the World but then seeing the name Waldo :O

10 Mr. Bean Books

You never ever see them on book. But actually they are on book! - lizard302

The Contenders

11 Dr. Seuss Books
12 Harry Potter Books

Yep. Harry potter is awesome. Dr. Seuss and Spongebob suck.

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