Top 10 Types of Classmates You Can't Avoid

These are the types of classmates that are EVERYWHERE.

The Top Ten

1 Bullies

Yep. In EVERY grade I was in, there was a bully in my class, and they targeted... ME! All because I was shorter! - KingSlayer93316

At some point in their lives, Karma will be only too willing to make their acquaintance. - Britgirl

2 Your Crush

I see the girl I liked two to three times a day. It's not helping me get over her at all. - 906389

3 Your Friends
4 Popular Classmates

Most of the tine they are stuck up,annoying,narcissistic bullies and they are two faced.-DarkBoi-X

5 Know-It-All Classmates
6 Classmates Who Always Take Selfies

Everywhere in my class. They're completely obsessed with selfies and Instagram and it's the only thing they yalk about - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

7 Classmates Who Use Too Much Perfume
8 Classmates Who Wear Too Much Makeup
9 Helpful Classmates
10 Friendly Classmates

This was me, but I was shadowed by bullies - KingSlayer93316

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11 Disgusting Classmates
12 Teacher's Pets
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