Best Types of Coffee

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1 Drip Coffee
2 Cappuccino

Well, Britgirl, it depends on my mood...However, I usually have a weak spot for drip coffee and espresso. They are classic values to me.

This is my life!

I love Cappucino - MLPFan

Hey, Cookie the Coffee Lover. I voted this for my friend because he drinks gallons of the stuff. You haven't commented on your best coffee - what is it? - Britgirl

3 Espresso

Cookie, I can only assume you're not a Brit. Where are you from? Hope that you are well and that you read this. - Britgirl

Pure and strong. The way coffee should be. Why add anything else?

The drink that tastes like a proper coffee

V 3 Comments
4 Greek Frappé Coffee
5 Turkish Coffee

It is awesome - Titanz

6 Irish Coffee
7 Mochaccino
8 Latte Macchiato
9 Americano
10 Caffè Macchiato

The Contenders

11 Flat White

Available in Australia and New Zealand. It's similar to a cafe latte but better...yum

12 Black
13 Affogato
14 Doppio
15 Palazzo
16 Espresso Romano
17 Vanilla Latte
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