Why People Make Terrorist Jokes

So guys, you're pretty aware of whatever the hell I've been doing on this site lately. It's a lot like I've been trying to "anger the hell out of you with my terrorist jokes." Hi guys! Breaking news! You getting offended is your choice! It's just so hilarious how some people try to force their opinions and moral or whatever ethical views they have on a person they just met on the Internet and did not know. I mean, like bro, you could just not look at the jokes and stop getting offended over it! I thought you were preaching tolerance and stuff like that, as well as respecting other people's opinions?! Call me an arse or whatever you like, it's fine by me. We're on the internet. I can make whatever jokes I want, while getting criticized for it, but it's not gonna stop me from making those jokes lol. I'm so entertained over people's reactions towards it. And I won't forget those other people who laugh with me when I talk about those jokes. XD

Well, let's get real on this matter! I do care about the families of those who have died, and I really hate those terrorists that I would eat their liver and body organs if I ever kill one with my bare hands. Seriously, I remember my president telling us that if he kills some terrorist thug out there, he'd cook and eat his liver, then get acquitted on grounds of self-defence. Screw those evil losers who have no life that they kill people for fun. I'm definitely better than them. I won't kill innocent people for fun, I'll just defend myself from those evil losers who aren't innocent and kill them if they decide to threaten my life. Laugh out loud.

But with the constant annoying stuff that the world has right now, from stupid political decisions to the hypocritical operations of the United Nations, as well as the scourge of terrorism spreading on Earth, who would not like to get a good laugh over everything bad happening in this world? I mean, so many bad things are happening that we couldn't laugh at things anymore, and if we do, we get accused of being spawns of satan by these politically correct people. I don't really wanna give a damn about their remarks over my jokes. If I joke, they could choose to get offended or just laugh it off or not give a damn about the joke. Your negative reactions are laughable, your apathy is appreciable and your same sense of dark humor is fun. I know how to laugh at words written on a screen.

I remember seeing memes saying "Only those that died in Manchester are Die Hard Ariana Fans" or "Terrorists winning 21-0 in Manchester", and laughing at it. It's a fun time to give yourself a break from all the sad and bad things happening in the world. Sometimes I wished that I could be a member of a vigilante counter-terrorist organization so I could have fun in life despite of everything that's so bad in this world. Damn human rights, bro! I should be one of the cool kids, and we should be awesome winners, not evil losers like those ISIS boys. We're gonna eat the liver of these terrorists and we will have fun with what's left of this wretched world! There's ISIS killing innocent people, and there's us who's trying to save the world from these kinds of people. We won't get accused of violations if we make the end justify the means! We could even save those poor goats from being sexually abused by these terrorists!

My approach towards these terrorists and the jokes surrounding them is basically to not act like you have a head, stop acting like a human, but start acting like an arse. It's just a political opinion of mine, it's optional for one to share my views.


The place you posted the joke wasn't appropriate, but I'll say it one more time, it shouldn't have been a fight. - Therandom

My thoughts exactly. One could have left me alone lmao - visitor

It's true. Making jokes about bad things doesn't make you bad. It means you're a positive person, being able to make jokes in even the darkest times. - Catlover2004

I like that way of thinking :D - visitor

Yeah, I realized that after reading this post. - Skullkid755

After that I realized 2cool4u was 2cool4nothing. - Skullkid755

All I want to ask is...

How close ARE you to your president? - PhenomentalOne

Why are you asking? We're not related, but I don't see the relevance. - visitor

Like, you know so much about him. You know everything he does, says, etc. Either your country's media has tunnel vision or you are literally part of his family or something. - PhenomentalOne

Media is so obsessed criticizing him lol - visitor

Thanks dad. - ProPanda

You're welcome, son. - visitor

I know I'm late, but I agree with you. - Powerfulgirl10