Top Ten Types of Days at School

School can be great, or awful. The top of the list is best, bottom isn't too great. Hope you enjoy my list!

The Top Ten

1 Field Trip Days

My most recent field trip was pretty bad. We didn't have any work, but we had to go to the career center to learn about future careers. Why? Because 8th grade was apparently "too late" to learn about it, and they moved that field trip to 7th grade. - Minecraftcrazy530

2 Test Days

In college if you finish a test early on a test day you can leave class. - NuMetalManiak

I kinda like the Test Days because I can go home earlier - Sassy13crown

Don't forget surprise tests! - PositronWildhawk

... Which is everyday. **sigh** - keycha1n

3 Rainy Days

Almost worse than test days for those of us who have to walk there. - Entranced98

4 Assembly Days

We have an assembly EVERYDAY before the first hour. Every Monday at least SOME person faints during assembly.

5 Substitute Teacher Days

I think my EXTREMELY immature 7th grade class made it a living hell for him

In college there are no substitute teachers. They just cancel the class.

No. I hate these days. Supply teachers are always so strict!

6 Normal Days

Well, you can just take these in your stride. No tests, no field trips you've been dreading for a month, no crazy long assemblies...bliss! - Entranced98

This is every day!

7 Family Reunion Days
8 Days You Are Sick But Your Parents Force You to Go to School Anyways

Aw man, once my parents made me go to school with either an extremely bad cold or the swine flu... Yeah I collapsed halfway through and got sent home - keycha1n

I actually have the choice to go to school. My parents would approve of my choice to not go on certain days.

Thanks for sending me to school with pink eye, mom. I'm sure EVERYONE enjoyed that

Yes, the best day is when I went to school and threw up on the bus and got the chills and went diarrhea in my pants...NOT! >:(

9 Days When You Are Bullied
10 Fridays

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11 Last Days
12 First Days
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