Best Types of Deviantart Artwork

There are many types of artworks on DeviantArt but here are some of the best types!

The Top Ten

1 Fan Art

There is a lot of good fan art on that site. - Powerfulgirl10

Basically that counts everything DeviantArt has, from self-made sketches to HQ artworks. - Neonco31

Most MLP Art Isn't Bad - JPK

I've seen a lot of good SFW fan arts in Deviantart even though I hated that website, whoever chose this to be number one made a good choice. The one I will be seeing this in my nightmares (not rly though) is vore, fat fetish, inflation, characters doing porn things and gay crap, a lot a lot a lot of things.

2 Anime

Distinguished by hair color, realism, and complex drawings. - Neonco31

3 Vector/Abstract

These are perfect for wallpapers and background making. Includes shapes and visual patterns. - Neonco31

4 Digital Art

In my view, includes those caught by camera and heavily edited for artistic effects and those made by Digital Art Programs - Neonco31

5 OC's

NOPE! A lot of them are crappy recolors or mary sues!

Original Characters in short. Some fans make their own characters from their favorite shows or movies if they have it! - Neonco31

NO. They make their OCs unrealistic, too weird, or OP
For example Wings of Fire
All people do were hybrids, hybrids, hybrids, and animi
So annoying!
Then people give the dragons too many treasure stuff, twisted horns...

6 Comics

There are a lot of them and DeviantArt does it all! You create your characters, strips, dialogues, and story. Patch them up together for a simpe but perfect comic. - Neonco31

7 Wallpapers

Same as above. You design your own wallpapers, distribute them to DeviantArt and let others use them. - Neonco31

8 Buttons and Badges

Simply make a logo or mugshot of a character. Try to edit the picture's edges and make it appear like it's buttonized. Submit it and copy and paste a code to your profile. It's a bit complicated but DeviantArt can help you with that. - Neonco31

9 Drawings

Probably one of the most basic types of artworks made. Just draw something and then post it on DeviantArt. - Neonco31

10 Vore

That's a lie - RedPanda5


The Contenders

11 Chibis
12 Memes

Memes are life.

13 Shippings

Ship 2 characters from a show or movie (crossovers are possible too). Then make an artwork of the shipping and then as always, let your buds in DeviantArt see it. BUT no Rule 34 especially for minors! - Neonco31

Crossover shippings are bad, though.

14 Art Style Comparisons
15 UTAU/Vocaloid Fanart
16 Faux Retro Anime Screenshots
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