Top 10 Types of DVD Bonus Features

In general, the special features section of DVDs (especially "special limited time only 2-disc collector's remastered edition" sets) has a lot of information. From commentaries to outtakes, here's a list of cool extras (not from specific DVDs, but in general.)

The Top Ten

1 Audio Commentaries

Is there even such a thing as a visual commentary? - purpleyoshi98

2 "the Making Of" Featurettes
3 Deleted or Extended Scenes

It's cool to see scenes that never made it into the movie. Some even clear up confusing plot points. - purpleyoshi98

Commentaries are great for some films like I personally enjoyed the one from Donnie Darko and the making of is cute for big time movies, but deleted scenes/extended scenes are good for any genre.

The only downside is when they're offered on a DVD/Blu Ray and there's not much difference.

4 Games

I'm a sucker for video games, and even though most DVD games are very simplistic trivia or puzzle games, they're still pretty fun. - purpleyoshi98

5 Image Galleries
6 Cast Biographies

I'm probably the only one who reads these things lol - purpleyoshi98

7 Bloopers

No, not the squids from Mario. Sometimes it can be pretty funny to watched failed takes. It's just the element of surprise - purpleyoshi98

8 Music Videos
9 Old Trailers and TV Spots

Can be fascinating at times. - purpleyoshi98

10 Cast Featurettes

To be honest I'm not really that adamant about learning about the cast, but if it tells more about how they act or voice rather than telling backstories of the actors I'm fine with them. - purpleyoshi98

The Contenders

11 Episodes from Other Shows

For example, my sister's MLP dvd has an episode of Pound Puppies on it

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