Top Ten Types of Emotional Baggage We Should Not Carry Around with Us

It's good to stop and think of all the negative emotions we're carrying around with us which only weigh us down. Gather them up in your arms and dump them. What's the point in carrying superfluous baggage around?

The Top Ten

1 Hate

I'll never understand why some people refuse to let go of something that keeps biting them and causing unnecessary pain. Don't you realise that the only person you're hurting is yourself? Is it worth it? - Britgirl

Hate is a fire that boins y'up way down in yer guts. Ah prefers loathing.

2 Anger

Being angry all the time is surely destructive. But righteous anger can be very productive. Might even save your life.

3 Regret

I have no regrets about anything I'm sorry for;).

4 Unrequited love

I love Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodle but...alas! it doesn't love me. :'( - Britgirl

5 Jealousy
6 Wanting
7 Failure

Well, now... There's failure, then there's "Aw, baby... It ain't you. Damn mule done kicked me in the... paw-paw patch." :).

8 Fear
9 Obsession

I tell people this all the time! I tell'em not to fixate on things! Everywhere I go, I tell everyone I meet not to waste their lives consumed by a single, unrelenting thought, event or desire! I've spent years trying to free people from their destructive fixations - on the street, at the market, stuck in traffic, at the waterin' hole! Every day, everywhere, everyone! It's like a crusade! Why it's almost an obse... :).

10 Things you have no control over

There's a nice working lady I know, uses the slightly stronger drug; "Scruemoll" to be taken as many times a day, whenever she can't control herself. Doesn't work of course but she likes the taste :). - Britgirl

After years of suffering with this particularly pointless condition, finally found the wonder drug that never fails. It's called Scruitol;).

The Contenders

11 Self pity

Pity-party, pity-party, pity-party-pit
If ya don't knock it off, your life will
Turn to... haggis :).

Yesser boss - exactly the same; only not spelt the same. :). - Britgirl

12 Guilt

For those of us from certain familial backgrounds, this is practically a sacrament.

13 Victimhood
14 Envy
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