Top 10 Types of Farms

Farmer in the dale, farmer in the dale, high-ho the diary-oh, farmer in the dale. There are many types of farms though. Which is your favorite?

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1 Ant Farm Ant Farm

I used to have one as kid and thought it was really cool! - ShuhBanggg

2 Dairy Farm Dairy Farm

Pretty common type of farm. In some states, it's legal to buy raw milk from them. - ShuhBanggg

3 Christmas Tree Farm Christmas Tree Farm

Orchards specifically designated for growing future Christmas trees. - ShuhBanggg

4 Strawberry Farm Strawberry Farm

Strawberry farms might let visitors pick their own strawberries from the acres of strawberry patches! - ShuhBanggg

5 Peach Farm Peach Farm

Peach cobbler, peach pie, peach ice cream, peach jam, and just the plain old peach. - ShuhBanggg

6 Poultry Farm Poultry Farm

A wise cow once said EAT MOR CHIKIN. He also said eat more waffle fries. - ShuhBanggg

7 Fish Farm Fish Farm

Tilapia is among the most commonly farmed type of fish. - ShuhBanggg

8 Wind Farm

Wind turbines galore. They apparently kill tons of birds though. - ShuhBanggg

9 Pig Farm Pig Farm

Cute, but tasty so who cares? - ShuhBanggg

10 Animal Farm Animal Farm

A revolutionary type of farm. They also make glue, I hear. - ShuhBanggg

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