Top 10 types of Food Stores and Restaurants that Offer Foreign Foods and Drinks

Foreign is a relative term depending on where you live. If you live in China, a Chinese Restaurant offering Chinese food isn't foreign to you. But it is foreign if you live outside China.

The idea of this list is to find out what other types of foods/cuisines you have tried or would most probably try because they are available near you. What foods did you like?

The Top Ten

1 Italian Grocery Store

Many varieties of Italian sausages and salami, Panettone, ready-to-eat food (stuffed peppers, cabbage rolls, pizza). - Metal_Treasure

The list title was changed by Admin, so here's the original tite - Top 10 Food Stores and Restaurants In Your Neighborhood Or City that Offer Foreign Foods and Drinks.
This explains why I put namely these stores and restaurants in my top 10 - because they are available in my city. - Metal_Treasure

2 Iranian Grocery Store

That was a whole new world but I liked many foods - Tabbouleh, Baladi Cheese, Kebab, Tursu, Baklava, Hummus, and more. They also have a deli counter and a take-out counter, with ready-to-eat food.
If interested, most of these foods are described in a list I made (images included) - Top 10 Foods and Drinks in the Middle Eastern Cuisine - Metal_Treasure

3 Irish Pub
4 Russian Grocery Store

I like their sausages and veggie spreads. - Metal_Treasure

5 Greek Restaurant

I liked gyros, Greek salad, tzatziki, keftedes, souvlaki - Metal_Treasure

6 Chinese Restaurant

I like many dishes but I would mention Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chicken with bamboo and Chinese black mushrooms. - Metal_Treasure

7 Chinese Grocery Store

My family is Asian and we do the majority of our food shopping here.

8 Lebanese Restaurant

I think I ate tabbouleh (it's a salad) for the first time in a Lebanese Restaurant. - Metal_Treasure

9 Thai Restaurant
10 McDonald's

I don't live in the US so this is foreign to me. - Metal_Treasure

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11 Brazilian Restaurant
12 Indian Market
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