Top 10 Best Types of Friends

These type of friends are the ones I have had or seen.

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1 The Best Friend

My best friend's name is Chloe. I love her so much. Recently I was so upset, I phoned her at 1.30am and she came to see me. Chloe, I love you, sweetie! - Britgirl

Why is the best friend not first. The term "best friend" defines "favourite friend"! - PositronWildhawk

These ones are you're BFF the ones you search for

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2 The Competitor

I'm having a competition with 5 people in my class to get the highest rank in class. Those 5 people are really tough competitors - FireWasp2004

Haha, I always love to have competitions with the smartest classmates. They're really tough competitors - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

This type of friend likes to compeat a lot and put everything to a test or a challenge

3 The Brains

Well you can guess there the geek, nerd or something. But there the ones that are smart and give good advice

They can help you academically a lot if they cared and you can return the favour

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4 The Clown

These ones like to make EVERYONE Laugh... Sometimes there annoying...

They always find a way to cheer you up.

Funny but goofy sometimes

5 The Fashion Girl

This one is mainly for girls. These type always wears something that is better or that puts lots of clothes one.

I am a bit of a fashion girl...I saw this scarf in the shop next day I wanted to buy it,but it was gone...! I called my bestie and she comforted me so much

6 The Attention Seeker

These ones are ANNOYING (you can say that to me) these always want attention

These ones are annoying...they are dramatic too and they irritate you

Best type? No, worst type - FireWasp2004

7 The Emo

These ones are always wearing anything that is dark and say depressing stuff.

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8 The Hyper One

I love how they are always happy and joking around without being overly optimistic.

These guys are hype and so happy when you see them

The hyper ones are great and enthusiastic.They are fun and jumpy.

9 The Sacrificer

Friends are very important in life no matter what type of friend they are.

GREAT LIST! - Ajkloth

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10 The Insane Friend

They can be funny, smart, and even kind, no matter how they think and/or act.

They are fun and funny even if they are wacky.They can still make a best friend

I'm probably this one. I remind myself of The Joker in the 1960s Batman T.V. series played by Cesar Romero! - KingFab

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13 The Popular Friend

They are cool but they must not encourage you to take drugs,cigarettes or bullying and must not ignore you

14 The Bully Friend

Bully and friend do go together, my best friends are people that I constantly complain and argument with however they somehow are impossible to get rid of (in a good way) even if you don't like them keep them with you. They will make you give the ultimate burns

Bully and friend do not go together. - KingFab

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15 The Disabled Friend

WHO CARES IF THEIR DISABLED?! They are still your bestie and you should not stop being their friend just because he/she is disabled.FRIENDSHIP IS STRONG

16 The Rich Friend

If only I had rich friends to pay for shopping spree(s)

They are usually mean and ignore you

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