Top 10 Best Types of Girls

The Top Ten

1 Nice and smart

The type of girl that I want! I've only dreamed about this ): - Userguy44

2 Cute

Cute girls are cool! - Userguy44

Animal can be cute
Baby can be cute
BUT a girll?! Searosly!

3 Same height as you
4 Considerate and not bossy
5 Likes you back

It's the first step, I guess - PositronWildhawk

6 Athletic

I love athletic girls, because healthy is attractive

Aww thanks!

7 Nice friends
8 Tomboy

Tomboys can also be considered athletic or gamer girls. I'm a tomboy.

Me, I guess.. - Fandom_Lover


9 One who cares

Probably me.

10 Shares your same interests

The Contenders

11 Not overly popular

Oh, that's me

12 Outgoing
13 Sophisticated and strong

This one's probably me. I'd rather be independent than dependant.

14 Metalhead
15 Girly Girl

Uh? - Userguy44

16 Rock fans / Metalheads
17 Classy
18 Talented and skilled
19 Pegasister

lol - Dawscr

20 Feminists
21 FNAF Fans
22 Emo

They are cute,(some are bad girls but some are good girls),not treat you like trash and not leave you for anyone else like any basic chick you've ever met. They will be the best kind of girls to help you solve your problems or any emotional situation your going through. They are sweet and nice,but if you leave her for another girl, be prepared because your unleashing their inner bitch and take out anyone who messes with you or if you play them, your unleashing hell on yourself and on the girl your with.

23 Nerds
24 Comic Geek
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