Top 10 Types of Humans That Disprove the Existence of God

If you're agnostic and wondering if there truly is a god or not, check out this list. Would an all-powerful and all-loving being make these kinds of people?
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As someone who is part of the LGBT community and someone who knows people who are transgender, I find it rather disgusting that an all-loving god would actually put a baby girl into a baby boy's body or vise versa. It's awful to see people suffering from depression and abuse because they are transgender. Many young people kill themselves because they feel like they shouldn't exist because they are transgender. Religious believers will argue that "it's not in God's power", which to me sounds like God is a pathetic excuse for a superior figure.

So to wrap this point up, God can't exist because he would make sure that everyone was born in the right body. If someone can honestly justify a God like this then both that person and the God they worship are sick-minded, twisted and cruel.

You can't be born in the wrong body. The body you're born in tells you what is right. Sex comes from your chromosomes, not your mindset. That's like me saying I was a different species born in the wrong body.

This list is complete bull. God loves all. I am going to say this once:

He encourages you to correct your ways and follow him, not to just live on and say "It's not my fault I'm gay! Maybe if your God existed he wouldn't have made me this way! "

Just, no. He is more than willing to help you grow out of your ways. Now, I'm not extremely religious, and I don't like cramming my opinion down people's throats, and I have no problems with gays at all, unless they try dragging me into their ways.

Just think about what I said.

I'm the strongest predetermination guy out there so the reason evil or perversity exists is so God can show his displeasure with it. He builds things up to tear them down. I don't know why it is that way, but if there is an all knowing God then he created the evil along woth the good knowing what u and I have been predestined to do

It's completely, biologically possible to be "a man in a woman's body"and vise versa. Look it up. It's not a common thing, but it's possible, it's basically the mind of a female in the body of a male.


Homosexuals are more known in the bible, but apparently it's a "sin" to be homosexual. But it's not a choice, is it? Nobody sits there and chooses if they get a boner over men or women. In fact, if we're going to talk in religious terms, it's God who decides a person's sexual preference. So technically he makes people gay. How awful is that? Someone makes a law saying that "homosexuals must be punished" when it is them who actually creates the homosexuals? Again, if this is the type of person people believe they are worshiping then all hope is lost for humanity.

To end this point, God can't exist as an all-loving being if he makes homosexuals and then gets his people to torture and kill them for who they are. Also, it's not exactly "free will" if they have to follow rules about who they can and can't love.

God made humans to make their own choices. He doesn't force anyone to follow his commands but makes it clear that consequences do come when one sins. Maybe not immediately, but they do come. So yes, it is a choice to sin or not, but it's up to you. If you're homosexual, I've got no problem about it at all. That's your choice, and I've got absolutely nothing against it.

I don't understand this. Homosexuality doesn't hurt anyone, yet it's considered an awful sin?

The people that say it's a choice are stupid. Who would want be gay if it meant being made fun of and burning in hell forever?

Imagine if everyone was gay. Then nobody would reproduce. Why? Because people think it isn't bad.

Are you calling my brother a homosexual...?!


Now we've gone down a darker path. You can't blame psychopaths for being born with a defect in their brain which makes them the way they are. But if there is truly a God then you can blame him. Why would an all-loving God create people who have a lust for torturing and killing people? Google Charles Manson or Fred West or Ted Bundy or Peter Sutcliffe. These are all people who were messed up in their lifetime. Killers. Fred West and his wife killed his own child and made his other kids bury her under the patio. This has nothing to do with "free will" - nobody chooses to be a psychopath. The signs start from an early age because unfortunately people are naturally born like that (some aren't, but they fall into a different category).

So if God truly did exist I can guarantee you that psychopaths would not be born. He would not be so heartless to let such horrid people exist. Instead, he would make sure that everyone was born as a kind and loving person. Again, theists will argue ...more

You're judging and deciding what a God would or wouldn't do if one exists or existed, and trying to use that as "proof" or evidence to support your theory? How absurd.

Most psychopaths aren’t even torturers and or killers. In fact, many of them can function normally in society and are usually in the top charts of success. When will people stop stigmatizing mental illnesses?

A man killed another man... Blame God!


This is a weird one, I know. But women are again proof that God doesn't exist, and I'll explain why.

God, despite the bible being completely sexist, seems to try and convey the message that "women are innocent". They aren't the superior sex and so they must be protected. But if that is so... then why do they suffer more pain than men? Think about it: men constantly whine saying that being kicked in the balls is the worst pain in the world, but the pain doesn't last very long and they certainly don't NEED to feel the pain of being kicked in the balls. Women, on the other hand, have to last a week every month with agonizing period pains. Sure, it might not be as painful as having your nuts kicked in a teenage fight, but women can't exactly choose whether they have periods or not. They have to suffer period pains every month for about forty years on average, sometimes even longer. But even after periods stop women still have to go through menopause. However, men can just ...more

A guy that put this on list is stupid as fascists, nazi, racists and etc. It would be better if this types of humans should go to hell than homosexuals or transgender (I'm not a gay or transgender)

Are you serious? God is against homosexuality, so you just contradicted yourself when you said God shouldn't create gays if he existed.

Most religions are against womans rights.

Cancer Patients

Cancer in children? What's that about? An all-loving God has actually allowed diseases such as cancer to exist. Even worse - the good people get cancer more than the bad people do. And there isn't even a cure for it. I also find it highly ridiculous that believers pray to God when their loved ones develop cancer and other illnesses instead of actually giving them medical help, all because they are following a religion which came into existence hundreds of years ago. Hundreds of years ago there was no such thing as the NHS, but of course the NHS is an organisation which commits sins by helping treat people with illnesses, right?

Even hardcore believers can develop cancer, and will their God help them? No. But it's all part of "God's plan". Try explaining to your child that they have cancer because it's part of God's plan. It won't go down well.

This point may be directly about cancer patients, but it is also about anyone who has a disease, whether it is terminal or not. ...more

There are three magical things I thing you should try if you ever get cancer (which I hope you never do):

1. Prayer
2. Fasting
3. Almsgiving

And this "plan" thing? It usually happens when you DON'T follow his plan. So discuss your plans ahead of time.

I hate when they say that "God has a plan for them"

If God has a plan, where the hell is he? Is he too busy making sure people aren't gay to save people who are starving and have terrible diseases?


This category is EXTREMELY vague, but it makes sense. Why would God create a plan which consists of women being raped, young girls being abducted and killed and religious believers who lose their children? Why would he create bullying victims in school who may even take their own life by the age of thirteen? Why make his own people give birth to a stillborn baby who that person had prepared 9 months for? All kinds of victims wouldn't exist in a world created by an all-loving and all-powerful figure. Plus, if he is also all-knowing then surely he would know what's going to happen to each individual person, but does he ever try to protect his people from attackers and natural disasters? No. I'm sure many of you reading this are victims of some sort, whether it be bullying, domestic abuse, rape, grief... do you honestly feel comforted when you think that there might be a God up there? Do you think he has helped you through all your suffering? Take time to think: was it you, a strong ...more

You know, that's completely against his will. He doesn't want to puppet us around; he wants to test if you are worthy of entering his kingdom.


This is very much like the point I made about psychopaths, but sociopaths are more emotional and they are not the same as psychopaths. Again, would God create the kinds of people who would kill their own children or send their little children to school with bruises? Some all-loving God if sociopaths are part of his grand plan.


Right now we live in a world where we are threatened by extremists. This has caused a lot of people to hate Muslims since the majority of them follow the Islam religion (*cough* Donald Trump *cough*). However, why do extremists exist? It's because of religion itself. Many argue saying that "they aren't true Muslims" or whichever religious believer they claim themselves to be, but surely if they were doing something wrong then the God they are worshiping would tell them that they were doing bad things? No, instead we just hear extremists saying that God is proud of them. Now I'm the type of person who believes that people who hear words from God are hearing delusions, but if it turned out that God truly was contacting those people and telling them that they were doing a good job, then our world is screwed.

If I were God, I might feel inclined to do something about Isis. Just saying

The End Times are here


Let's end it with scientists! If God wanted to be believed in, why the heck would he let scientists exist? People who have literally proved that God didn't create the world? They have proved that humans are 98% related to chimpanzees (which God wouldn't have even planned humans to be like if he made us) and they have come up with the Big Bang Theory. Theists will argue saying that "there is no proof" or "it's just a theory", but let's all be honest: "God" is merely an answer people give to a question they actually don't know the answer to and they actually don't want to find out the true answer to that question. Nobody will ever know exactly how the Earth was created, but scientists have more proof that the Big Bang happened compared to religious believers who just have a book of fairy tales.

Also, scientists discovered dinosaur bones! I thought humans came first, God! So what's with these skeletons?

...Most religious believers will actually tell you that dinosaur bones ...more

This list is a bit dumb because you don't need people to disprove God, this is how you disprove God. He isn't real but he is rather a philosophical figure from the Ancient world who wrote the bible to give people a path to follow in what he saw was real.

Religion is supernatural belief. You can't prove or disprove it.

Hell, I believe God encourages scientists (to a certain extent) to discover our world. That's what he wanted us to do. Explore.

93% of scientists are atheists, that's no coincidence.
An overwhelming majority of the people that study and research into the topics if Evolution, the big bang, and creationism are atheists.

Think about that


This one sounds REALLY weird, but it's true. A lot of you would have met someone in your life who really made you wanna punch their lights out. They show off, they insult people and they are just full of themselves. I've encountered many people like this, and so have a lot of my friends and family. They get media attention (Donald Trump, Josie Cunningham... you two are typical asses) and they are just a complete waste of space. These people abort their children for stupid reasons, smoke when pregnant, try to get sympathy for having 1 million dollars as a loan and gather a large group of people to defend them. Basically they're the kinds of people who were school bullies.

My point here is that God would never allow these people to exist if he was real. Again the "free will" argument would be used, but personality has nothing to do with free will. A personality would be something God gives to someone, so basically he has decided to make a world full of asses. And yes, this goes ...more


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Another possibility is that Liberals were created to bring on the Apocalypse.


Lets face it. Of u believe in free will, u pretty much deny the sovereignty of God. If he doesn't know and direct the future then there is no true God

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