Top 10 Types of Jokes People Get Offended Over


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1 Race Jokes

I am so tired of idiots playing the race card at every little thing. You know who you people are! - bobbythebrony

I love racist jokes aimed towards my country. They're hilarious.

I know black people that laugh with racist jokes. I start to think that people who accept race jokes aren't racists, in fact the opposite - Spyrofan35

Race Jokes are funny but actual racism is not - GriffinDoge

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2 9/11 Jokes

9/11 jokes are just plane wrong

Sorry, I can't see anything funny about these (can't believe there ARE jokes about this anyway) - Britgirl

What do you expect? What the hell is FUNNY about it?

It's really funny that people like them can't take jokes that their reactions can turn out to be hilarious.

If your watching World Trade Center movie starring Nicholas Cage or any videos during 9/11 (not before nor after), you may realize:

-The engine explosion
-Injured people and PTSD people
-Falling people

And what's worst was that you imagine yourself inside the ground floor of the WTC and you survive but you may stuck in the rubble (like I said about WTC movie).

So who's joking now?!

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3 Gay Jokes

And I'm sick of many gay people playing the offended card just to gain special treatment from people.

They get offended each time you disagree with them and over the littlest things.

I was gong to make a gay joke, butt whatever. - LordDovahkiin

4 Ebola Jokes

This list gave me Ebola.

5 Progeria Jokes
6 Fat Jokes

Totally uncalled for.

7 Death Jokes

Jokes about this? Shame! - Ananya

Everyone will die anyway...better to laugh about it and preserve their memory than to cry about it...I'm not saying these jokes should be used, but the way some people get offended over them is ridiculous. - whattheheckamidoing

8 Paris Attacks Jokes
9 Transgender Jokes

These are the worst. It really hurts when people say them in front of me because they don't know I'm a male now. What is the purpose?

Never mind. I just remembered I say them myself. Whoops

I used to be a male trapped in a woman's body.

But then I was born.

10 Rape Jokes

Disgusting. - Lunala

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11 Yo Mama Jokes

Seriously? Offended? Only little 7 year olds make yo mama jokes. - Lunala

ME ask what 2 plus 2 is take note it was a joke the answer is 4 duh.What I get for a response YO MOMA I get so pissed of I slamed the bully into a table

Actually they are kind of funny, but really cliche. I don't mind them, because I AGREE WITH THEM.
Bully: yo mamas so fat she couldn't fit in Asia
Me: You're right, she pretty much is, but you're one to talk. Can you squeeze yourself into North America, or do you need help? - KayleeKicklighter

12 Religious Jokes

This should be in the top three - KingSlayer93316

Stop It please - Stevenpenguin

13 Hitler Jokes

Every one in my school says this.

14 Dirty Jokes
15 Family Jokes

I hate it when they cuss my family. Especially my mum

Especially Dad Jokes - KingSlayer93316

16 Kitchen Jokes
17 Baltimore Ravens Jokes
18 Cancer Jokes

These are not funny - KingSlayer93316

This List Gave Me Cancer For Example

Note-It Actually Didn't

19 Jokes About Women
20 Dad Jokes
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