Top 10 Types of Lawyers

Law is divided into various categories and one has to decide in which field he/she wants to do specialization in.

The Top Ten Types of Lawyers

1 Criminal Defense Attorney
2 Estate Law Attorney
3 Personal Injury Lawyer
4 Property / Real Estate Law Attorney
5 Public Interest Lawyer
6 Civil Rights Attorney
7 Military Lawyer
8 Family & Divorce Lawyer
9 Immigration Lawyer
10 Bankruptcy Lawyer

The Contenders

11 Prosecutor
12 Employment Lawyers
13 Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer

Merger and Acquisitions Lawyer tailor each transaction to the needs of our clients based on a variety of factors including size of the acquisition, nature of assets and liabilities involved and other specific goals of our clients. Asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, reorganizations, structured buyouts, employee succession plans, and other methods are employed by the firm to further the unique goals of our clients. - keatinglyden

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