Top 10 Best Types of Lip Piercings

Lip piercings are super cool and when it comes to lip piercings, there are several types of piercings you can get. Honestly, my favorite type of lip piercing is the snake bites piercing and I hope I can get that done someday. I've been wanting them for a few years now.

I've decided to make an entire list on lip piercings since I don't have any other ideas. Feel free to add any that I've missed here.

Maybe I'll do more piercing lists in the future, I don't know. I probably will, though considering I currently have 11 piercings and counting.
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1 Snake Bites Snake Bites

If you're wondering what the snakebites piercing is, it's a pair of labret piercings on both sides of the lower lip. They look super cool and I really want this piercing.

2 Labret

The labret piercing is a type of lip piercing that goes under the lower lip and can be either unilateral or bilateral (if it's bilateral, they're called snakebites). It can also go in the center of the lip.

3 Shark Bites Shark Bites

Shark bites are similar to snakebites, but shark bites involve 2 holes being placed on each side instead of 1. In total, there are 4 holes with this piercing.

4 Angel Bites Angel Bites

Angel bites are similar to snakebites, except angel bites are on the upper lip instead of the lower one.

5 Canine Bites Canine Bites

Canine bites are both angel bites and snakebites combined resulting in 2 holes in the upper lip and 2 on the lower lip.

6 Medusa

The medusa piercing involves a single lip ring going through the center of the philtrum right above the upper lip and below the nose.

7 Spider Bites Spider Bites

Spider bites are pretty similar to shark bites, except spider bites are only on 1 side of the mouth instead of both.

8 Ashley Ashley

Unlike most of the other lip piercings I've already mentioned here, the Ashley piercing actually sits on the actual lip and not above or below it.

9 Cyber Bites

Cyber bites are a combination of the medusa and central labret piercings mentioned above.

10 Dolphin Bites Dolphin Bites

Dolphin bites are similar to snakebites, but they're much closer together than snakebites are and are positioned at the front of the mouth instead of on the sides.

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11 Monroe
12 Madonna
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