Top Ten Types of List that You Can't Avoid

The Top Ten Types of List that You Can't Avoid

Justin Bieber List

Yes these kinds of list are becoming annoying.these kinds of jokes are already dead - zxm

Troll List

Well,I don't support troll lists.but not always authors make troll lists.sometimes a good list turns into a troll lists from troll items added by anonymous users/visitors - zxm

Duplicate Lists With Different Titles

Best music artists
Top ten best music artists
The best music artists of all time
The best musicians
Top ten best musicians
The best musicians of all time
The best musicians ever
Top ten best musicians ever
Best musicans ever - 0w0uwu

There are 99,040 lists already.and still you can make lots of same lists with different titles. - zxm

Dating Lists
Gravity Falls List
Nicki Minaj List
Best Things List
Celebrity List
Reasons to Kill a Person Lists
Worst List

The Contenders

Funny List

I like funny lists. I mean... they’re funny! - sadical

The only thing I’ll be avoiding here is users who avoid funny lists... - 3DG20

Who would even want to avoid these? ;). - Britgirl

User Lists
Comparison Lists
Lists About Bands
Spongebob Lists
Music Lists
Warrior Cats Lists
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