Top Ten Types of Lists that Should Be Banned but are Still Prominent on TheTopTens

These types of lists just shouldn't exist. This is a community lets promote love and helpfulness and make this a community people enjoy being in

The Top Ten

1 Lists Attacking Another TopTenner

TheTopTens is about expressing your opinion freely not about getting trolled!

That's right, it IS ABOUT EXPRESSING MY OPINION! Except that not only YOU have freedom to participate in political wars, but I do too and I'm allowed to cheer on Trump due to my freedom. - Maddox121

The TopTens is a community site, if someone has beef with another then the should take it private and these doesn't mean harass and if there is harassment it should be brought to the admins - germshep24

2 Lists that Take Jabs at the LGTB Community

Why are we promoting the hate of someone because their sexuality is different from the norm? - germshep24

3 List that Attack Other Countries

North Korea has been nothing more than a punchline ever since the internet's invention and the first words broadcasted which were "HI" and "TE" (TEST) - Maddox121

Every country has its problems, there is no reason to attack any country, there is enough of that in real life. - germshep24

4 What Religion is Better

Let's have some respect for peoples beliefs and not makes them into jokes by saying one is better than another - germshep24

5 Lists that Attack a Certain Celebrity

Being a celebrity is hard, the World criticizes everything they do, how would you like dealing with paparazzi every waking moment of your life - germshep24

6 Lists that Attack a Specific Fan Base/ Sub Culture

People enjoy different things in life, why are you hating on someone for enjoying something even if it isn't what you think is normal- who cares if someone is a bronie, furry, or a Star Trek fan and your a Star Wars fan - germshep24

7 Why One Genre is Better Than Another

No one genre is better than another, each genre has things that are bad and are good - germshep24

8 Fetish Lists

Not gonna say names but I think we all know who this is referring to - Randomator

9 Lists of Worst Bands

It is hard to make music, why promote lists about the bands that weren't has successful has others. Lets promote introducing people to great bands instead of hating on others - germshep24

10 Lists About Worst Singer/Rappers

The Contenders

11 Any List About Why Democrats or Republicans are Better Than the Other

Both sides are flawed - Randomator

This tends to cause a lot of hurt on the site

12 Comparison Lists

Most are completely ridiculous - Randomator

13 Lists About Brain Fetish
14 Lists About What Genders are Better
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