Top 10 Types of Lists Which Require Most Knowledge to Make

There are thousands of lists on TheTopTens and many different categories of lists. All lists require knowledge. But not all lists are easy to make, some lists require a lot of knowledge to make comparing to other lists. And to me, these lists seem to be require most knowledge to make.

And all these things apply if you are making informative lists.

You can add whatever comes to mind.

The Top Ten

1 History History

To me, this requires the most knowledge. cause history doesn't change. you can't change the history from your opinions - zxm

2 Philosophy Philosophy

"...but not when I have to think about it." Ha! Ironic genius. Brilliant work

"I love philosophy but not when I have to think about it." ~ Tina H.W. - Britgirl

3 Politicians and Leaders
4 Books Books
5 Consumer Services
6 Language Language
7 User Ranking Lists

Unless you just add popular users or your friends, this requires quite knowledge. Because you have to know about the users. - zxm

9 Animals
10 Music

I think this should be way higher. It requires LOTS of knowledge - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I'd add it higher but mostly these days its easy to make - zxm

Yeah, for instance - Rock Singers Who Know How To Tie Their Shoes - Billyv

Yes, Billy. Or, the 729 "sub genres" of metal; or how profound and sensitive metal "musicians" are; or what and how many children they have; or what they do or don't eat; or which of them can scream the longest... ad absurdum, ad infinitum.

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