Top Ten Types of Middle School Teachers

This aint kinder garden where its all butterflies and flowers. This is middle school. It's rough. At least the teachers are coool

The Top Ten

1 The laid back teacher

Workshop teacher - HyenaLover

Yes, this teacher makes you work sometomes. Mostly though, he'll let you work on math games or whatever - AnonymousChick

2 The kindergarden

This is middle school, but this teacher will treat his or her students like children, and let them do creative activities to let them learn instead of writing stuff down. - AnonymousChick

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3 The theater teacher

Yes, this is a subject, but imagine if she gave you english and theater. Boom. You don't do no more english. You are doing a shakespeare play - AnonymousChick

4 The jokester

That kind of teachers could turn a boring class (boring subject class) into a excited class - zxm

The science substitute - HyenaLover

This teacher is friendly and often makes jokes. did I really need to say that? - AnonymousChick

5 The strict one

My mean substitute teacher is so strict. He said if we do one thing wrong, we get sent to the office. - lovefrombadlands

If you do anyhting, this teacher will kill you - AnonymousChick

I really dislike these.ones - TwilightKitsune

6 The kind one V 1 Comment
7 The creative one

This teacher is strict, but kind. - AnonymousChick

8 The online teacher

AKA the teacher that puts no work into their job and if you copy paste a question into google, you get the answers for the rest of the schol year. - AnonymousChick

9 The one who curses a lot

This teacher goes on long rants and swears a lot which some pepople find funny, others don't - AnonymousChick

10 The Fisher Price teacher

He'll give you algebra and then call it fisher price - AnonymousChick

The Contenders

11 The metalhead V 1 Comment
12 The teacher who doesn't tell you when there's a test V 1 Comment
13 The forgetful one
14 The personal one

The teacher always talking about their life.

15 The one that hates children but teaches anyway
16 The nasty one

In 6th grade maths the teacher handed out lollipops to kids who got A+ and I got an A
She yelled at kids who got the wrong answers etc - Lunala

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