Top Ten Types of Middle School Teachers

This aint kinder garden where its all butterflies and flowers. This is middle school. It's rough. At least the teachers are coool

The Top Ten

1 The laid back teacher

My math teacher.
One of my favorite teachers who also loved grumpy cat.

This list should be called "Top 10 types of teachers in every single grade ever" because everything here also applies to elementary, high school, and college teachers, not just middle school teachers.

I had a health teacher who was like this - AliciaMae

Workshop teacher - HyenaLover

2 The kindergarden

This also applies to high school special ed teachers, not just middle school special ed teachers.

Middle School in other countries England & Wales is different ages.
I think there is more Middle Schools in Wales than England.

Oh yeah middle school spec ed aah

This is middle school, but this teacher will treat his or her students like children, and let them do creative activities to let them learn instead of writing stuff down. - AnonymousChick

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3 The theater teacher

Yes, this is a subject, but imagine if she gave you english and theater. Boom. You don't do no more english. You are doing a shakespeare play - AnonymousChick

4 The strict one

My high school special ed teacher is strict. We had to do things EXACTLY her way or else she will get mad at us.

No one can be bad in a class around them and as a generally good student, I love it.

My mean substitute teacher is so strict. He said if we do one thing wrong, we get sent to the office.

If you do anyhting, this teacher will kill you - AnonymousChick

5 The jokester

My 6th grade math teacher - AliciaMae

That kind of teachers could turn a boring class (boring subject class) into a excited class - zxm

The science substitute - HyenaLover

This teacher is friendly and often makes jokes. did I really need to say that? - AnonymousChick

6 The kind one

English teacher

You have a bad day. like normal. but this teacher helps you out. always. - AnonymousChick

7 The creative one

This teacher is strict, but kind. - AnonymousChick

8 The online teacher

Also the unhelpful teacher who never responds to your emails promptly if you have questions

AKA the teacher that puts no work into their job and if you copy paste a question into google, you get the answers for the rest of the schol year. - AnonymousChick

9 The nice one

Once in middle school one of my classes had a pizza party where all the students had to pay for their own slices. I brought my money in but I misplaced it somewhere. (Either that or it fell out of my binder). I was allowed to look for it. After a while, I couldn't find it at all. I told the teacher, and she told me not to worry about it and she paid for my pizza.

I wish ALL teachers were that nice!

In one of the classrooms in my middle school there was a Disney's Hercules Mouseworks classic storybook. I loved to read it. I read it every single day nearly non-stop. The teacher noticed how much I loved it and she allowed me to borrow the book for as long as I want. It was awesome!

10 The one who curses a lot

This teacher goes on long rants and swears a lot which some pepople find funny, others don't - AnonymousChick

The Contenders

11 The Fisher Price teacher

He'll give you algebra and then call it fisher price - AnonymousChick

12 The teacher who doesn't tell you when there's a test

This actually happened.
Teacher: *enters room*
Teacher: There's no school on friday so we're going to have the test today.
Everyone: WHAT? We haven't studied! I don't even have a penicl with me
Student: You never told us there was a test!
Teacher: There's a test. Now you have five minutes to study. - AnonymousChick

13 The forgetful one
14 The personal one

The teacher always talking about their life.

15 The nasty one

I had a teacher in 7th grade who yelled at the whole class over a laser pointer once

In 6th grade maths the teacher handed out lollipops to kids who got A+ and I got an A
She yelled at kids who got the wrong answers etc - Lunala

16 The overreacting one

When I was in 7th grade in language arts one a teacher screamed when she saw a mouse running in the classroom. All the students were pretty calm about it

17 The metalhead

He wears most of the time black or dark clothes & a band shirt.

He mentiones Metalbands at tests but he is one of the best teachers you ever had even when you don't like this genre.

His most used sentences:
"What you don't know (insert band)?!
Let me tell you something about them."

"This rocks! "

"No, Nickelback is not a Metalband." - Fretto

18 The one that hates children but teaches anyway
19 The one that has crushes on students

This would be disturbing. - Cyri

I'm female. My 7th grade social studies teacher had a crush on me and constantly told me that "I'm her baby". SERIOUSLY what!

20 The cartoon loving one

When I was in 7th grade we learned Greek mythology in language arts and the teacher showed the whole class Disney's Hercules

21 The Mean One
22 The ones that buys stuff for their students

When I was in 6th grade the teacher bought Xmas gifts for the entire class. They were those toy beans with magnets in them and they rock back and forth. They were either called Jumping or Mighty Beanz.

23 The ones who act immature
24 The Responsible One
25 The one who can't teach

Acts like she can teach, but ends up not even talking about the subject

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