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1 All Day Work Moms

They do Nothing but, work and when they get off they talk about work - HollowArrow

2 Internet Moms

Never get of social media aka my mom and facebook - HollowArrow

3 Workout Moms

Don't know just dislike these types of moms goodthing my mom isn't a workout mom she does exscerise but, not to a long amount of time and everyday - HollowArrow

4 Family Time Moms

My mom makes me eat dinner with the family and do crafts with my brothers. She makes me go every where with them instead of staying home. Type I have for sure. - MetalObsessed

Makes you spend time with her and the family - HollowArrow

5 Praising Moms

They want you to thank them for everything - HollowArrow

6 Abusive Moms

My mom says stuff like I can beat you to death and It will be worth it. But then she never does and I don't know if am happy with that or not. - MetalObsessed

7 Loving Moms

Talks good about there kids sometimes brag about how good they are an loves there kids a lot - HollowArrow

Every mom are loving in my opinion, they just have different ways of showing it. - Goku02

8 Stress Money Issue Moms

They stress over money for the family because of clothes and food. These moms get super mad a lot exspecially when you brake something even if it's a accident due to there money issue and they can't afford it - HollowArrow

9 Boss Me Around Moms

My mom bosses me around with chores and makes me take down a basket of clothes or wipe of the table every 5 minutes. - MetalObsessed

They let there kids exscpecially teenagers talk back to them and they just deal withi it. these types of moms let there kids boss them to buy them things just plane bad no mom should be this - HollowArrow

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10 Shopping Moms

My mom makes us go to the same store to get the exact variety of food every week or month or day or hour. And then I have to help her load the car and stuff. - MetalObsessed

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11 Overprotective Moms
12 Strict Moms

"Don't touch your brother and don't throw the close basket and don't stomp and don't stay up till three and don't let bullies get to you and don't do drugs and don't do that instead of your homework and don't smart off and don't go to school late and don't scream at me and don't...

My mom exactly. - MetalObsessed

13 Sleeping Moms

My mom. - Goku02

14 Wise Moms
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