Types of Movies You Shouldn't Watch With Your Parents


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1 Films With a Lot of Sex Scenes

Only you shouldn't watch it with your parents if you're younger than a young adult! - SpinelliFan

Girls, girls, I always love to have sex with hot girls! Hey hottie, wanna make out? :D

I would not want to watch this with my parents. Not alloud. That would be too embarrassing

2 Films With a Lot of Nudity

The best one I can think of is A Clockwork Orange.

It would just be awkward - ARuiz13

I watched “Showgirls” with my dad

3 Films With a Lot of Swearing

I don't care about swearing. - SpinelliFan

4 Films With Long Kissing Scenes

I find it awkward watching soaps with lots of kiss scenes infront of my parents, especially infront of my father. Let alone a movie...

5 Films With Crude Jokes
6 Films With Seth Rogan
7 Todd Phillips Films

Some of his films include old school, starsky and hutch, project x, and the hangover trilogy.

8 Films With Drug Use
9 Movies With a Lot of Blood

I wouldn't wanna watch robocop with my parents.

Hey I watched Saw with my mom once - JaysTop10List

The most violent and gory movies I can think of are Saw, Cannibal Holocaust, and Braindead.

10 Nc-17 Films

I watched "Showgirls" with my dad

The Contenders

11 Films About Prostitution

I watched “Leaving Las Vegas” with my dad and my mom was OK with it!

12 Erotic Films

I watched "Showgirls" with my dad

13 Torture Movies Like Hostel and Saw
14 Violent Films
15 Films With Sex Jokes
16 Films With Sexual Fetishes
17 Films With Lots of Gore
18 Films With Rape Scenes
19 Films About Strip Clubs
20 Slashers
21 Films With Lots of Racism
22 Films With Teenagers Doing Bad Things
23 Snuff Films
24 Films With Animal Abuse
25 Films With Child Abuse
26 Films With Domestic Violence
27 Films With Gang Rape
28 Inappropriate Children's Films
29 Films About Death
30 Serial Killer Documentaries
31 Thrillers
32 Rape and Revenge Films
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