Top 10 Types of Nerds

There are all types of nerds. Which nerd are you? You can add what type of nerd you are.
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1 Video Game Nerd

If tabletop counts, I'm the biggest game nerd there is!

My three favourite nerd things are here. Pokemon,Anime and video games. Pokemon because it's an anime video game! -TheBMOprep.

Just like angry video game nerd

Yeah, that's definitely me

2 Math Nerd

I have a nerd girl in my class she is annoying there is a video game nerd girl that is better than this math nerd girl because the bath nerd girl always remind the teacher to give us more homework ugh I just hate homework

The boy in my class that I have a crush on! Also me a bit!

I'm very skilled at math at a very different way

We are smart but still get the work done

3 Music Nerd

Honestly, most people interested in music I would not call music 'nerds'. But the few that do exist are pretty cool

Definitely a music nerd got all sorts on genres on my laptop even languages I don't know

Is the music nerd also considered as the theater kid?

I love it cage the elephant all the way

4 Computer Nerd

Big one right here. I'm always checking out their new technologies.

Continuously checking for newest technologies on Computer

I'm a tech geek, that's for sure.

Yes me too! I'm a big tech geek

5 Reading Nerd

I read in every class, so much I get my books confiscated

I was a reading nerd, then I stopped reading.

Nothing wrong with books!

I adore reading

6 Movie Nerd

Someone who watches too much film

7 Automobile Nerd
8 Anime Nerd

I've only watched probably 30 anime series. I don't know if that qualifies me as an anime nerd.

This needs to be number 1.

Yep this is me

Anime is life.

9 TheTopTens Nerd

I'd call you one, OtakuGamerGirl, but look who's talking.

10 All Knowing Nerd
The Contenders
11 Physics Nerd

I am 13 years old, have mastered algebra, geometry, and basic trig, and some calculus. I have also invented a few gadgets, and invented 7 mathematical formulas and co-invented 1.

Well, most of the times, physics nerds are math nerds too.

Wow, it's like this list knew how to define me!

That's me I'm an extraordinary science whiz

12 Art Nerd

Ever since I watched that Vivziepop animated music video. I found myself drawing about 8 hours a day.
I would get up at 7am every morning, get on Pinterest and try drawings until about 5 in the afternoon. My Wacom tablet screen is so badly abrased from my compulsive drawing.
I found myself highly emotional when losing a pencil or losing a drawing so I would scan all my papers into my Google drive.
I have lost all my interest in computer programming and any other desires a normal person has. I find it difficult being around anyone apart from my family members and my Instagram friends.

Hey! You forgot about the candy type of nerds

13 Comic Nerd

Will outlive computer nerds. Just watch: 50 years from now, 'computers' will be old news, but you can't replace a comic book.

If you know Webtoons and/or Tapastic you surely are one. Bonus points for independent comics and unknown sites, like Hiveworks

Have you checked out she-Thor?

My sister has. -TheBMOprep.

14 History Nerd

Yeah these are great.
But like, where's the debate nerds and philosophy nerds on this list, y'all?

Yey I'm in history nerd gang too!

Funny, my history teacher used to be this :D

15 Cool Nerd

It’s a person who is cool and lame at same time but a genius

16 Secret Nerd

That's me. Only my best friends know about my nerdiness.

I don't want no one to know that I'm a nerd because then everyone is gonna "ask me for help" and nahhh

17 Dungeon and Dragons Nerd

Nerd: I love D&D. I have drawings of Beholders on my screen and I wrote a fanfic about Eberron and I'm in love with Drizz't.
Who doesn't love Drizz't? He has a PANTHER.

The deepest nerd there is

18 Political Nerd

Always debate ready and opinionated

19 TV Series Nerd

Yess! I always get mad when people find out that you don't like anime so they assume you oppose all T.V. theorizing. My Favorites are Lost, Gravity falls, Star vs the forces of evil, and Over the garden wall. Mystery element shows and some shows like Community and (The 100 (also kin-dove mystery)) + way more but I'm also a pretty mixed nerd too.

Lost is the best!

20 Fake Nerd

Do you mean those stupid girls who think they are the shy, awkward dorky girl even if they're not?

21 Theater Nerd

Always love to perform

22 Hacker Nerd

Hackers? Oh stealing. Ever been hacked on Habbo and lost everything.

They are almighty!

23 Education Nerd

Education nerds are people who adore learning!

24 Pokémon Nerd

I'm a prep,actually, but I ADORE Pokemon. I have one game with mewto with me, and I'm an addict to Pokemon. I take Pokemon quizzes and have seen almost every Pokemon in Kalos. If I'm bragging I don't mean to!

I wanna be the very best,
Like no one ever was,
To catch them is my real test,
To train them is my cause.

25 Cosplay Nerd
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