Top 10 Types of Nerds

There are all types of nerds. Which nerd are you? You can add what type of nerd you are.

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1 Video Game Nerd

Just like angry video game nerd - Delgia2k

I am a video game nerd

My three favourite nerd things are here. Pokemon,Anime and video games. Pokemon because it's an anime video game! -TheBMOprep.

2 Computer Nerd

Big one right here. I'm always checking out their new technologies. - PositronWildhawk

Yes me too! I'm a big tech geek - MostTalented_BoyX

I'm a tech geek, that's for sure. - Kiteretsunu

3 TheTopTens Nerd V 1 Comment
4 Comic Nerd

Have you checked out she-Thor?

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5 Math Nerd

The boy in my class that I have a crush on! Also me a bit! - AnonymousChick

We are smart but still get the work done

Oh so you found me at last.

6 Reading Nerd

I was a reading nerd, then I stopped reading. - Pegasister12

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7 Physics Nerd

Well, most of the times, physics nerds are math nerds too. - Kiteretsunu

Wow, it's like this list knew how to define me! - PositronWildhawk

Gotta love thermal equilibrium theories.

They are the most amazing people

8 Anime Nerd

I've only watched probably 30 anime series. I don't know if that qualifies me as an anime nerd. - Kiteretsunu

Yep this is me(by FlamingFuryFX my Xbox one name that's where I watch my anime off the xbox one on the Internet on good anime websites add free no payment

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9 All Knowing Nerd
10 Art Nerd

Hey! You forgot about the candy type of nerds

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? Cool Nerd
? Gossip Nerd

In swear these people have the eye of sauron

The Contenders

11 Fake Nerd

Do you mean those stupid girls who think they are the shy,awkward dorky girl even if they're not?

12 Secret Nerds V 1 Comment
13 Cosplay Nerd


14 Hacker Nerd V 1 Comment
15 History Nerd

Funny, my history teacher used to be this :D

16 Pokémon Nerd

I'm a prep,actually, but I ADORE Pokemon. I have one game with mewto with me, and I'm an addict to Pokemon. I take Pokemon quizzes and have seen almost every Pokemon in Kalos. If I'm bragging I don't mean to!

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17 Dog Nerd

Most people are dog nerds in less you are allergic two dogs thank you for lisiting

18 Creepypasta Nerds
19 Political Nerd

Always debate ready and opinionated

20 Fashion Nerd

I'm actually a secret fashion nerd. I know all the latest on fashion gossip, fashion terms, and fashion brands, etc.

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