Top 10 Types of Parties You Want on Your Birthday

Your birthday is coming up and you can't decide what sort of party you want. This ideas might able to help you. You can add new items to expand the list. Enjoy!

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1 Pool Party

Unless your birthday is from October-April, then it wouldn't be warm enough usually. That mainly applies to May-September birthdays

Great idea if your party is in summer. Nothing better than swimming around, splashing and having a great time with your friends! - ivylee

When I was little, I had pool parties every year because my b-day is in June.

2 Slumber Party

A whole night with your friends where the fun won't stop! - ivylee

3 Disco Party

Dance as much as you want when you put on your favourite music and just having fun with your friends! - ivylee

Can this be a metal disco party? Surely you can dance to Power Metal. - Merilille

4 BBQ Party

A great time when you're in the park or at home with your friends and family, eating delicious food from the grill! - ivylee

5 Movie Party

Invite your friends over where you can watch what ever kind of movies you want. Of course, there will be food, drinks, cake and fun! - ivylee

6 Bowling Party

See if you can get a strike! Having fun with your friends and see what they are good at! - ivylee

7 Tropical Party

There will cool and relaxing music with delicious food and drinks such as pina colada. It will make you feel you're in the tropics. - ivylee

8 Home Party

This is my wish!

If you are one of the kinds where you just want a simple party, this could be a great idea. You are surrounded with your family and friends with a tasty dinner, delicious cake, drinks, games etc. - ivylee

9 Restaurant

Buffets rule!

If you want to having a luxurious dinner with your friends and family, come to your favourite restaurant where you can eat what ever you like! - ivylee

I celebrated my 26th birthday early at a buffet yesterday. I got over $500 in birthday money this year. It was great!


Now if I could repeat this every single year...

10 Picnic

If you want simple party with just your family, nothing better when you're in nature and catching up with your family. - ivylee

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11 Multi-party
12 Beach Party
13 Amusement Park Party
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