Top Ten Best Types of Pasta

I love Italian food. And what do most of us think of first when we're thinking of Italian food? Well, pizza. But close behind is pasta. And these varieties of pasta are the ones we love most.

The Top Ten

Spaghetti Spaghetti is a long, thin, cylindrical, solid pasta. It is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine.

Everybody knows and loves spaghetti. It's a difficult food to dislike. Add marinara sauce and some meatballs and you've got a perfect Italian trio!

I love this almost as much as pizza. But sadly pizza isn't a pasta. But I guess that means that this is number 1.

I always love to eat Spaghetti at Dino's Pizza.

What pasta lover doesn't love spaghetti?


I don't think I need to convince anybody of how great macaroni can be. It's the only pasta that I know that doesn't need sauce to be awesome. Just cheese, baby. Just cheese.

It should be number one. Who thought spaghetti is number one

Macaroni is disgusting though


It's that curly pasta. I'm not sure what the difference is between fusilli and rotini, but I just went with the better-sounding one, basically.

I like the taste of fusilli as long as it includes delicious ingredients.


Somehow a lot of pasta dishes made with penne pasta end up containing bacon. I find it strange... That more people don't eat it all the time! Pairs nicely with any sort of parmesan dish, too (I'm talking about chicken, veal, eggplant, etc...).

Penne yum delecious and ready to eat

Throw on some alfredo sauce and shrimp… lovely.



Sort of, like, a larger linguine. Basically the HUNGRY MAN of the pasta world. Bigger, especially in this case, is better! Ah, man. Now I want Fettuccine Alfredo.

Works great with literally whatever you want to top it with


Rigatoni is that sort of ridged, tubular, and hollow pasta that you usually see in a cold pasta salad (or, at least, I often use it in those sorts of dishes). I'm sure its uses are many.


It makes a suitable substitute for spaghetti (but calling it a substitute would imply that you didn't like the sound of it in the first place, right? Which would obviously not be the case since this stuff is awesome).


It is the only acceptable type, besides maybe spaghetti.

If it's good enough for Garfield, it's good enough for me.


Spinach & Ricotta is one the best tasting things ever.

Only type of pasta that's actually IN the pocketoli.

Chicken Ravioli is life.

Mm the cheese


I was gonna vote for penne, but I think farfalle deserves more votes. I love it, especially with good marinara sauce.

Colloquially known as "bowtie" pasta. Always a fun and tasty choice in my books.

So classy! And honestly the most fun pasta shape

The Contenders


I love me a good cheese cannelloni! Not a dish you find at many Italian restaurants, I find. I can't understand why.

Angel Hair

That’s a funny name.


So freaking good! You can put stuff in it and they are easy to stab with a fork.

Squidward Tortellini

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