Best Types of People Christians Hated


The Top Ten

1 Atheists Atheists

Or Hates - waldo

Stupid Chuch! - waldo

2 Rock 'n' Rollers

Christians hate rock 'n' rollers so much, that there are actually CHRISTIAN rock 'n' rollers! - clusium

3 Philosophers Philosophers

Do your research: There are Christian philosophers. - clusium

Not all of them, genius - waldo

4 Metalheads Metalheads
5 Gays

The Christian Church never hated Gays. It was society itself that hated Gay & lesbian people, right up to about 30 years ago. - clusium

6 Evolutionists

Again do your research: There are Christians that accept evolution. In fact, Darwin was Christian. - clusium

7 Jews

Holocaust as an Proof - waldo

The Nazis were not Christians. They were Germanic Heathens, & occultists. - clusium

8 Astronomers
9 Scientists Scientists

Not all of them, that's why it's not that high - waldo

10 Reasonable People

The ones who didn't hide it enough - waldo

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