Top Ten Best Types of People on the Internet

The Top Ten

1 Trolls

90s kids are trolls. I'm on about 90s kids obsessed with the decade not people who where just a kid in the decade.

This list is inaccurate- Kevinsidis

2 TopTenners

TopTenners are the best because they are super friendly as long if you don't start any trouble


3 Admins
4 Noobs
5 YouTubers
6 Robloxians
7 People who avoid ads
8 Fandom users
9 People who switch to google
10 Cool People

The Contenders

11 FNAF Fans

If you hate on me because of this I will beat you up.

12 Music genre experts
13 Anti-Memers

People like these will save the internet.

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