Top 10 Best Types of People to Meet On MovieStarPlanet

This list goes from the best people to meet on MovieStarPlanet .

The Top Ten

1 A real life friend

Ya this is the best - Pump

Your friend in real life
They give you gifts
And your wl for no reason - Pump

2 Giveaway user

They do loads of giveaways with really good stuff - Pump

3 Hacker hunter

They will help you not get hacked and if you do they will give you some clothers - Pump


They give ya greets if your really close
And do lots of giveaways
They are also superkind - Pump

I love VIPs!

5 User who just reached level 6

Already pasted and I am on Level 9!

They are always asking to trade
Or if you will do a giveaway - Pump

6 Backups

All they say is add my main - Pump

7 User over level 26

They think there better than you
Especially VIP users over 26 - Pump

8 Boy noob

They say your so pretty
And they won't stop asking to be your boyfriend
They also dress horribly - Pump

9 Girl noob

They ask for gift and greets
They wanna be your bestie
And they make arties of how hot they are - Pump

10 Someone who asks if you want VIP

1st why are they giving free VIP out
They ask you over and over against you want it
If you ask for it on another acc they say no
There will hack you - Pump

The Contenders

11 Stereotypers

People who make stereotypes. Not all noobs spam trades or friend requests, not all vips are snobby

12 Savages
13 Mean girls
14 Nerds
15 Dramatic ones
16 Comic geeks
17 Prudes
18 Smart ones
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