Top 10 Types of People at the School Cafeteria


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1 Fast Eaters

I eat food real fast due to the time limit

It 's me

At my school some kid ate all their food in 30 seconds legit

I get about 10 minutes to eat lunch after waiting in the line during a 25-minute lunch. Needless to say, I used to be a normal paced eater, but that's been stamped out by the lovely public school system (have I mentioned how much I adore it? ). Also, lunch is at 10:30. Salt salt salt. - keycha1n

2 Nasty People

One of my friends blew bubbles in his chocolate milk, and it spilled all over the floor. Long story short, the janitor did not appreciate that.

3 Loud People

I have that type of people too! - InfernoTopTenners

4 Slow Eaters

I have a lot of them eating so slow and they get hungry a lot! - InfernoTopTenners

I eat a lot, but when I do eat it takes forever... It's horribly embarrasing when I just finished my pizza when everyone else threw away their trays! - Flowersocks2137

5 Bullies
6 Popular People
7 Lonely People

My friend always has us go to a random student sitting by themself to cheer them up. I guess that's why we're awesome friends. But she always says, "Alyssa, let's fill someone's bucket! " Then she takes me by my arm and drags me to some lonely people in our grade! She's an awesome person! - Flowersocks2137

I sit alone at lunch because my friend at school is on packed lunches.

@Flowersocks2137 Wow, friends like that are only one in a million.

I have some that sits alone! - InfernoTopTenners

8 People That Clean

That includes me! I clean the cafeteria after I eat my lunch! - InfernoTopTenners

9 People That Are Playing
10 People That Cuss

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11 People Who Chew with Their Mouth Open

Yep they r eew - Lunala

12 People Who Spill Drinks All the Time

In primary school (What Aussies call elementary) we don’t have cafeterias we have “tuckshop” canteens. But when I was littler, it was a common thing for kids to accidentally spill their drinks (Usually chocolate milk or water) on the floor (In primary we usually ate our food on the floor outside our classroom) and then everyone would get up and scream and run from the liquid spill. Fun game. Also once I put a half-drunk bottle of flavoured milk in my bag but forgot to shut the bottle.

After school, my bag was barely wet but the kids bag below me was SOAKED in milk (i kid you not it was REALLY wet) and so I just RAN with my bag. Their bag was dripping and heavy when they picked it up and everyone immediately stared at their wer bag - Lunala

13 Ugly People

Well that's a rather rude item on this list... Nobody is necessarily "ugly." Perhaps you meant on the inside, because there are extremely rude people in my grade... - Flowersocks2137

14 Cute Girls
15 Creepy Girls that Stare at You
16 The Food Throwers
17 The Rowdy Foodfighter
18 The Kid Who Constantly Throws Up

In high school, My friends and I saw 2 special ed kids throw up on the floor in the cafeteria. We were wondering how we still had our appetites afterwards.

19 People that blast explicit music on their phones/ speakers and all the kids start yelling along to the song

Happens in my school all the time, I'm tired of kids blasting Blueface songs

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