Top Ten Types People that Should Get Sent to Gulags

The Top Ten

1 Terrorists Terrorists

For an obvious reason. - MChkflaguard_Yt

2 Murderers
3 ISIS Supporters
4 Pedophiles Pedophiles
5 Atheists

What is wrong with believing in science? Religion extremists added this. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Being an atheist is not about believing in science. It is simply a lack of belief in God or gods. - clusium

Ha! Lucretia got roasted! - darthvadern

I accidentally vote on this item as an atheist I want this item to be removed because a stupid christian added it

6 Capitalists
7 Conservatives

Let me guess, you're under the idea that every conservative is a nazi, so every action you make to denounce them is morally justified? This is what happens when you have feelings rule over facts. - nerffan8000

8 Classic Liberals

Yes, bring back the gulags! Time to end it.

9 Ben Shapiro Fans
10 People that Like Trump

The Contenders

11 Neo-Nazis

The only type of people that should be on this list.-LitSavage

12 Homophobes

Josef Stalin sent homosexuals to the gulags. - clusium

As a bisexual and a gay right supporter I agree but I think that something worse should happend to them

13 Transphobic People
14 Liberals
15 Communists

Yes.Communists should get their own punishment.-LitSavage

16 Transgenders
17 Feminists
18 Geminis
19 People Who Create Awful Lists
20 Extremist Juggalos
21 Social Justice Warriors
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