Top Ten Types People that Should Get Sent to Gulags

The Top Ten

1 Terrorists Terrorists

For an obvious reason. - MChkflaguard_Yt

2 Murderers
3 ISIS Supporters
4 Pedophiles Pedophiles
5 Atheists

What is wrong with believing in science? Religion extremists added this. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Being an atheist is not about believing in science. It is simply a lack of belief in God or gods. - clusium

Ha! Lucretia got roasted! - darthvadern

I accidentally vote on this item as an atheist I want this item to be removed because a stupid christian added it

6 Capitalists
7 Conservatives

Let me guess, you're under the idea that every conservative is a nazi, so every action you make to denounce them is morally justified? This is what happens when you have feelings rule over facts. - nerffan8000

8 Classic Liberals

Yes, bring back the gulags! Time to end it.

9 Ben Shapiro Fans
10 People that Like Trump

The Contenders

11 Neo-Nazis

The only type of people that should be on this list.-LitSavage

12 Homophobes

Josef Stalin sent homosexuals to the gulags. - clusium

As a bisexual and a gay right supporter I agree but I think that something worse should happend to them

13 Transphobic People
14 Liberals
15 Communists

Yes.Communists should get their own punishment.-LitSavage

16 Transgenders
17 Feminists
18 Geminis
19 People Who Create Awful Lists
20 Extremist Juggalos
21 Social Justice Warriors
22 Satanists
23 Flat Earthers
24 Rapists Rapists
25 Cannibals Cannibals
26 Westboro Baptists
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