Top Ten Types of People On TheTopTens to Avoid


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1 Trolls

How to avoid them when they come uninvited to my lists? They are like mosquitos. Only in 2016 an aggressive visitor wrote about 1,000 dumb and repetitive yet insulting comments on 500 of my lists. He was more like a cyberbully though. - Metal_Treasure

2 Elite Rustlers

You definitely want to avoid these people or you will likely end up a victim of their attacks. - Element119

Oh my god, my hate for these people grows more each day. - wrests

3 Hypocrites
4 Big Brother haters
5 Total Drama voice actors
6 Total Drama fans

Total drama in every way is better than big brother - samanime

7 People who are obsessed with porn

Avoid them everywhere. - Miauzer

As known as, the guy that adds “porn” to all the positive lists - KingSlayer93316

8 Music Elitists
9 Anime fangirls

My friend would be very mad at you for saying this... - Minecraftcrazy530

10 People Obsessed with Blaze the Cat

The Newcomers

? Singaporeans

The Contenders

11 Weaboos

What the hell is a weaboo. - egnomac

Anime sucks

12 Misty Haters
13 People who can't take another opinion

Unless the opinion is something like
"All gays should die"
I've seen people do that

14 Anime Fans
15 Anime Haters
16 Beliebers
17 Ash Ketchum Haters
18 Biased users
19 Metal Haters
20 A.N.T. Farm fans
21 Scarlett Johansson Haters

You definitely want to ignore these guys! All they want to do is to talk trash about Scarlett with nothing nice to say! They're even delusional enough to say she wasn't nominated for awards! False Facts is all you will get from these guys!

I can't take these trolls any much longer! Leave my baby girl alone!

22 Christian Haters
23 People who Overreact
24 Rebecca Black Haters
25 Big Brother fans

No big brother is the best show ever watch it like everyone else in the world does - BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

26 Bronies Bronies
27 Brony Haters

I'd seen many of these. I should avoid these people :(

28 Captain America: Civil War Haters
29 The Amazing Race fans

Really. I guess you have to avoid me. - Minecraftcrazy530

30 Clarence Haters
31 The Lion King Haters
32 People who hate Breadwinners

99.9% of this site is this though - KingSlayer93316

Well OF COURSE I hate Breadwinners! It is a shown that relies only on toilet humor. - Minecraftcrazy530

False these people are sane unlike the people who like this show - christangrant

I hate Breadwinners but Survivor is not that bad - PatrickStar

33 Clarence Fans
34 Hardcore Fans
35 People who look down on you because you like an unpopular artist
36 People who look down on you because you don't like a popular artist
37 Frozen Haters
38 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Haters
39 The Rainbow Dash Fan person

Oh god... - KingSlayer93316

40 People who don’t respect opinions
41 Anime elitists
42 Anime fanboys
43 Scarlett Johansson fans

Overly defensive crybabies who can’t take even the slightest bit of criticism and will demand you to “leave their baby girl alone”. They definitely need to be banned. - 3DG20

44 Creeps
45 Shippers
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