Top Ten Types of People That Voted On the Scottish Independence Ballot

I know that Scottish still remains as a union *cheers* but lets take a look back at the types of people who voted at this thing.

The Top Ten

1 The "Why, What, When, Why?" guy
2 The "I need a copy of Braveheart" guy
3 The "I want to kill people now" guy
4 The "What did I came here for?" guy
5 The "I'm going to say something that sounds smart to get people to agree with me" guy
6 The "Eeny mieno mo" guy
7 The "I'm going to move to an island if it goes independent" guy
8 The "I didn't hear it right!" guy
9 The "How do I do this?" guy
10 The "I'm not sure why I'm doing it but I heard there was cake" guy

Or Haggis. That would get a sea of ginger heading towards the poll booths. - PositronWildhawk

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