Types of People We Love Just For Being Themselves

The Top Ten Types of People We Love Just For Being Themselves

1 The Kind and Helpful Ones

These people have my Respect because they are being Real & that's the best when someone says something nice or does something nice! - Curti2594

Those people who go above and beyond the Call of Duty to make you feel special - Britgirl

Most of all the ones who do it without vested interest - keyson

That makes me feel speacail - canesfootball

2 The Intelligent Ones

Think phones

It's always nice to have stimulating conversations with those who want to talk about more than the weather and Justin Bieber. - Britgirl

3 The Shy Ones

A lot of shy people are artists and they are sweet and kind and loving. ONE MORE THING: I'm one of those people. :) I'm not REALLY shy but I'm shy around adults but I always talk around my friends and I love art.

As a shy person, I'm so happy we made the list <3 we love being ourselves and outstanding, we're not snobbish or anything like they think we are. Most of shy people are very sweet and bubbly if you meet them. "People build up walls not to keep others away but to see who cares enough to break them down".

I really loved your comment anonymous. Hurrah for us shy folk! =) - Britgirl

4 Those Who Have a Permanent Grin

These people just always seem to be happy. They make you warm to them. - Britgirl

5 The Conversation Starters

This was my second choice behind shy people so I voted for both! I love conversation starters they are really friendly... I would consider myself as a conversation starter... And a shy person.

Well, unless the conversation starting phrase is "How come you're still fat after all that jogging? " - PositronWildhawk

I'm quite shy and quiet so I'm always glad when this type of person is near. It makes the situation less awkward. - Britgirl

6 The Nerdy Ones

I really love the nerdy shy sweet types definitely my favorites to be around! - happyhappyjoyjoy

I love nerdy, gawky types... - Britgirl

7 The Jokers

Those who just make you laugh with a funny sense of humour. - Britgirl

8 The Hard Workers

Those who work all hours, in jobs they dislike to provide for their families. - Britgirl

9 The Optimistic Ones
10 The Sensitive Ones

Why Can you be Liek this. It's looked down on if your a Guy that is Sensitive I find that silly because Sensitive is better then a Jerk - Curti2594

The Contenders

11 The Modest Ones

Those who honestly don't know when a compliment is given to them. - Britgirl

12 The Creative Ones
13 The Nature-loving Ones
14 Peaceful Ones
15 The Outcasts

They don't hurt nobody

16 The Big Thinker
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