Top 10 Types of People We Need More of On the Internet


The Top Ten

1 Nice People

Unfortunately, there are so many heartless people on the internet. - Delgia2k

We also need more lists like this on the Internet. Good idea.

A lot of these will apply to me. - LordDovahkiin

2 Smart People

Particularly on this website. We need more intelligent and thought-out lists and blog posts. - PositronWildhawk

3 Funny People
4 Helpful People
5 Horny People

I did not put this here. Who put it here? - Mumbizz01

This is an example on why you should add 10 items on a list. - JaysTop10List

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6 People Who Can Take Criticism V 1 Comment
7 Sexy People
8 Respectful People

That's what everybody wants. - Delgia2k

9 People with Morals
10 People who tell the truth

I really feel strongly about this one. There are so many lies being told on the web, and you just can't count on anything you read being true. So many people, for example, say the economy is terrible under Obama when we have actually made great strides since Bush left, and unemployment has been cut in half. I guess you can say whatever you want on the Internet but it does bother me that so many people just lie and apparently don't feel guilty about it. News flash for all Christians: Lying is just as big a sin as homosexuality.

The Contenders

11 Clean People
12 Rational People
13 Perfect People

How many perfect people are there? I don't think Jesus is going to make an entry here anytime soon...

14 Decent People
15 Intelligent People
16 People who list at least 10 items when they make a Top Ten list
17 People with Dignity
18 People with Values
19 People who respect other points of view
20 Wise People
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