Top 10 Types of People We Should Help


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1 Gay/Lesbian People

I wish that you could comment WITHOUT voting...

Seriously, I think they don't need help. If you say ANYTHING about homosexuals, offensive or not, you're automatically labeled as a homophobe.

Guys, they probably didn't mean it in a terrible, "We should make them straight." in a kind of way. What they probably meant is that LGBT+ people are bullied, disowned, teased, abused, and sometimes even thrown on the streets. They can also be driven to depression and encouraged to kill themselves. The only way to lessen their suffering is to open the more closed-minded people on the ideal of the LGBT+.

Their overall income is well above the average; they don't need any help.

Please help me fit in.

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2 Victims of Bullies
3 Short People

Well, we can't make them tall magically. If God wanted them to be tall, they would be. But we can stop bullying.

4 Disabled People

Everyone on this list needs attention but for many disabled people, mental and physical, their need for daily help is the most great. Some of these people can't even move enough to breath by themselves. - BKAllmighty

5 People With Mental Illness

They are god gifted. There is no option for them. On the other hand all type of special people have sound minds.

6 People of Different Ethnicity
7 Victims of Rape
8 Psychopaths
9 Poor People

I think the definition of "Poor" is different for everyone. This is a great idea, but remember to not put the money into the wrong hands. - SubliminalMessages

I will help the homeless when I become rich! - Danteem

10 Atheists

What are you talking about? I'm an atheist and I'm living a pretty good life without god. After all you don't get your morals from religion. You get them from your mind. And I don't force my beliefs on other like most atheists do.

God, is keeping you alive, his love and mercy is why you're living, you are blessed and don't even know it, so when the day comes, you will answer to Jesus and God, so get right!

So I'm an Atheist, and I love my beliefs. How would a religious person be able to make my life any better (except if they gave me a million dollars. I'd like a million dollars)
Is someone going to explain why atheists need help? - Flamesofsilver

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11 Environmentalists

Lets help them out with saving the earth. Lets try to not throw so much trash in the ocean and on the grass.

12 Starving People
13 Homeless People
14 Suicidal People
15 Bullies

Instead of just slating then, people need to realise there is a reason behind their bullying and they have a lot of pain inside them, which they need people to help them with

16 Old People
17 People Who Have Autism

I know I have Autism. But these people need help like me. - Mumbizz01

18 People With Ebola
19 People With AIDS
20 People With Cancer
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