Top 10 Types of People We Shouldn't Really Laugh At


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1 People who are disabled

It sickens me when people are making fun of a brain disorder or a walking disability. It's not easy living that way. Sometimes, they don't even have a choice. Disorders are no laughing matter as it can negatively affect someone's life. - ethanmeinster

They have physical & mental issues that prevent them from being normal, which is why people laugh at them. I would be sad to see someone like that made fun of. - ruJILLous

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2 Midgets

My cousin did this once, lets say, he got the wrong end of the stick... - RickyReeves

Midget! But seriously, midgets are just like us, only smaller. Don't make fun of them. - Therandom

One of my best friends is short and I don't call him a midget. - Harri666

No wait never mind - JaysTop10List

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3 People who have autism

I forced my classmate with autism to watch Trigun through my cell phone but refuses until he throw a tantrum and laughed and made fun of him for not liking the anime Trigun. I felt hurt after doing that.

I know one person that has Autism. He is young, probably not even in Kindergarten yet. He is cute and I saw him jump to nice to mad. - funnyuser

We really shouldn't laugh at people with autism. I have autism, and I am not much different from anyone else. - Turkeyasylum

Many scientists like Albert Einstein ARE Autistic, did we laugh at him?

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4 People who have phobias

People with phobias can't actually help it. They don't choose to be scared of something - it's just that they may have had a bad experience with something, and they're deathly afraid of it. You laugh at a phobic person, and you're just insensitive. You wouldn't laugh at blind person for being blind. You wouldn't laugh at a black person for being black. So treat phobic people the same way. - ThatStrangeKid42

I have a phobia of natural disasters and dying but I love anything scary. How is that real. - AnonymousChick

I always get made fun of for having a strange fear - happyhappyjoyjoy

I always been made fun of for my incredible monophobia. Once I actually got ditched in the middle of the forest because my friend thought it was funny to see the look on my face while she was hidden away in the bushes.

Then the next day I threw a spider at her face. That was a good day. - SansTheComic

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5 Rape victims

Calling a rape victim a 'slut' is seriously terrible and mean after all what they've witnessed. It is not a joke

Yeah, this is a serious issue take this #1, this MUST be stopped! - Fan_of_Good_Music

6 Victims of massacre, genocide, etc.
7 Mentally ill people

Not humorous.

You don't know what they're going through.
Mental illness is real!

8 People who have had a dark life

I have a pretty intense life right now. It would break my heart if someone laughed at me. It's not my fault that my grandma died, my dad is in extreme pain in the hospital, two people in my family are in the hospital, and I have had terrible memories, and my friend dumped me, in the past two months. I should stop talking now. - SansTheComic


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9 Poor people

People in this generation are just greedy. They say they are Christian, but they can represent all 7 sins in a day. - rockcityboy

I want to help poor kids with no home but I keep forgetting to write the dang number! Ugh I'm so stupid - Chaotixhero


Don't laugh at them. Help them. Some people were even born poor. - ruJILLous

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10 People who have low IQs

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11 Africans

One tenant was racist asking my mom saying is there any apartment with no African Americans.

I don't get you African Americans. You diss Africans saying they are dirty and ugly but you originated from them. This generation is terrible - rockcityboy

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12 Beliebers

Go ahead I think it would be funny - angelofdarkness

Why would anyone ever like Justin Bieber? He's done really mean and stupid things in the past year. - Connor360

People need to stop incorporating Justin Bieber into every topic

They Deserve To Be Laughed At For Liking The Worst Singer In History

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13 Different ethnic groups

People in America talk about how China people are ugly, and talk like 'chong wong hong' always disrespecting the language. I feel like todays generation is just down falling along with its hip hop. - rockcityboy

14 Gay people

Gay people are humans. It's like if a gay person walked up to you and said, "Haha! Your Straight! " It's just not right, and this generation needs to realize that not everyone can be the same. - SansTheComic

I feel sorry for short people, this item and smart people (and poor people) because good people actually are the bullied ones but they have a really bad life. - Harri666

We've had enough hate already. If I see a kid make fun of another kid because he's gay, I don't care if there's a teacher nearby, I will slap them. - Pegasister12

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15 Bronies

Some of us are actually nice and don't attack you. - Pegasister12

If I laugh back at you for laughing at me, KILL ME! - Neonco31

16 Nerds

Having low self-esteem has been shown to improve success during adulthood. Please remove this off the list if you want another Bill Gates. And if you don't, fine. Anyways, I'll meet you in Hell.

Let people be dumb. They are just jealous that someone is actually beating their grades. Nerds are very high and intelligent, people are so dumb that what they get from cartoons they think it is true. Just because nerds are weak in T.V. shows doesn't mean a nerd irl can't get a girl. People just dumb especially them sports fanatics in school - rockcityboy

17 Suicidal people

I'm against all forms of suicide. - Therandom

18 Depressed people

Nobody wants to be sad all the time, but some don't have a choice. People become depressed for a lot of reasons. (mental illness, disability, hardship, etc.) - Murvine_Taylor

19 People with lisps
20 Slow people
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