Top 10 Types of People Who are Smarter Than Liberals

Ah liberals, the stupidest types of people in the world AND the stupidest types of people in history. Even sweaty gym socks are smarter than liberals.

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1 Conservatives

Jesus, everyone needs to give it a rest already. It's great if you're a conservative or if you're a liberal. But you shouldn't shove political opinions down people's throats. It's ridiculous. Just let people have their own opinion. Really, I don't even care about politics, but I'm so sick of both of these groups attacking each other. Just have your own opinion, share it, but don't say everyone with a different opinion is stupid. - Elric-san

Depends on what you mean by conservative. Real conservatives are people like Jefferson, Hamilton, Friedman, Sowell, Smith, Locke, etc. I admire those people. The current Republican party is far from conservative, and that is why I detest it. - Alpha101


"Even sweaty gym socks are smarter than liberals."

Do you really expect anyone to take your claim about liberals being the stupidest group in the world seriously with a childish statement like THAT? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He our president to! And according to the constitution we can say whatever we want to say about him. When he lies, we call him out! - GrimmShady

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2 Vegetable People
3 Rednecks

Laughable - LarrytheFairy

4 Gang Bangers
5 Jailbirds
6 Atheists

Atheists are my favorite religion, I am one, and atheists believe in science not made up facts, which makes them smart. - Lucretia

All you Atheists are wrong. How does science work? Because God made it work.

Both are incredibely smart - LarrytheFairy

7 Libertarians
8 Pedophiles Pedophiles
9 Bronies Bronies

I'm one - Neonco31

10 Bandwagon Sports Fans

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11 Anti-Feminists
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