Top Ten Types of People Who Should Be Banned from Deviantart

Deviantart is meant for a place where people view and share beautiful Art including: Photography, Digital art, Fanart, Etc. However, it has become a place for cringe and is now ridiculed and hated by many people on the internet.

The Top Ten

1 Trolls

These people purposely make bad, cringe worthy fan art, for purely evil and cruel purposes. What to do with them is to not feed the trolls. It may not look like it, but it is Really the thing to do about them. - SpectralOwl

Some of them are kind of clever and/or funny - Phillip873

2 People with a vore fetish

These people find someone in the stomach of someone else attractive for some reason. Next thing they do: apply this to any fictional character they like. - SpectralOwl

3 People who make art in 5 minutes on MS paint

The title for this entry is fancy language for: Effortless art. That means: Bad art. So please take your time if you want to make good art. Also don't use MS paint. - SpectralOwl

MS Paint is actually good if you know how to use it. - Swellow

Not everyone is a professional, you know.
Anyone who votes for this is kinda rude (just don't use MS Paint, at least.) - mattstat716

But people should at least try, and they should be willing to take criticism - Phillip873

4 People that aren't supposed to have an account because of their age

Deviantart is similar to youtube. Their content with the most extreme amount of cringe comes from kids under the age they are allowed to use an account on the Large Websites. Also the two website have a deep, dark, weird side. - SpectralOwl

Like a few people on the TTT as well aren't supposed to be, although I believe, from the ones I've met, are usually mature enough, but still aren't allowed, I don't know why this isn't enforced - EliHbk

5 Sonic fans

I do not think I really need to explain this dark, twisted, cringe worthy fandom. In case I do need to explain, they create Bad "Original" Characters, and write god - awful fan fictions that will throw away your faith in humanity - SpectralOwl

Stop generalizing. - Swellow

Not all sonic fans. Just some. - Cartoonfan202

Hey here's a game for ya:
Put your first name in the google search bar and add "the hedgehog". Then prepare to cringe! - Phillip873

6 People with a diaper fetish

Yep, I wish this did not exist, but it does. Please try your hardest to restore my faith in Humanity - SpectralOwl

People get off to cartoon characters drawn in diapers. Think about that for a second.. - Phillip873

7 People with a fart fetish

Have you had a weird kid in school who found other people's farts attractive? No?
Well, there is some group of people that is like this on the dark side of Deviantart - SpectralOwl

Holy Crap, this is my most liked comment! Thank you, I didn't expect this to happen! - SpectralOwl

8 Undertale fans

Similar to what the Sonic Fan base does on Deviantart. I must mention that it has a pretty high spot on my first list, Top Ten Videogames that were ruined by their fan bases. - SpectralOwl

9 People with an inflation fetish

They just seem to think a character unrealistically inflated as a circle as something that people will love viewing. - SpectralOwl

I need bleach... - mattstat716

Dear lord... - Cartoonfan202

10 Cyberbullies

Cyber bullying is not uncommon on Deviantart- or anywhere on the Internet You can have an account on for that matter - SpectralOwl

The Contenders

11 Pedophiles Pedophiles
12 Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh fans

I hate Home: Adventures With Tip And Oh, I want the fans to be banned from deviantart.

Wait There's a fanbase of this?!? - SpectralOwl

13 People who draw pornographic art
14 Bronies
15 Rule 34 artists

I don't want to see characters from my favorite pieces of media drawn sexually, that's just disgusting - Phillip873

16 Crossover shippers
17 The Lion King fans
18 Thehyenassbe
19 ISIS supporters
20 People Who Attack Other Websites

They should be banned FFS! - therealman

21 Cuphead Fans

I really hate the Cuphead franchise and fandom because they are both annoying, and so are the fan art and OCs. That are all just cringe. - MrBumpyKirby

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