Types of People Who Should Be Blocked from TheTopTens


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1 Cyberbullies

It is very deadly, as it can sometimes drive people to do awful things. - TopTenTed

Those who claim that cyberbullying isn't real are big fat liars. And to claim that cyberbullies' victims are weak are the real weaklings as well as cyberbullies themselves. If you don't have the balls to say that crap to people's faces, don't post it online.

Cyber bullying isn't real because the person across the screen knows nothing about you and they aren't doing anything physical to you, it's just random people online, it's all verbal and it shouldn't affect you. - PeeledBanana

Cyberbullies are just bullies so we could just shorten this to bullies. - DarkBoi-X

No. Bullies physically hurt you and say rude things to your face, People online can't do that - B1ueNew

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2 Trolls

Only bad trolls. You know which one. - Userguy44

Some trolls are funny though. - sadical

Depends on the troll. - RadioHead03

Haha no.Trolls are funny. - DarkBoi-X

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3 Immature People

Seriously get them blocked - DarkBoi-X

It's the people who say sex is gross and can't take a joke. They're ruining our website.

Anti rustlers for example - DarkBoi-X

Yes. - RadioHead03

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4 Spammers

Now this I can agree with. - Cyri

Right now, you can get a deal on amazon if you buy $1,000,000 worth of my bad products, you will get a bunch of free money and a trip to Arizona and a new car! - mistyglow

Spam voting is probably the biggest problem on the site, at least as far as I know. - Gg2000

Spam voting is an issue, but it isn't necessarily something that goes against any policies of TTT. Spam voting is however, something we as users can go against ourselves.

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5 Idiots

Idiocy makes ideas fall as flat as their idea of Earth. - Cyri

Idiocy is something that's not very controllable on the internet.

Keep seeing people who don't know what they're talking about. Like thinking Martin Luther is the man who was a part of the Civil Rights Movement (Martin Luther King Jr. was a part of the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther helped form the Protestant Church). People should start doing their research

6 Advertisers


Hate when people send me their new lists, right on the block list - PeeledBanana

Have you ever wanted to be able to eat ice cream without it melting? Well guess what? Now you can, with my new invention not melting ice cream! It costs $1,000,000 and it comes with a whole ounce of ice cream! But wait... there’s more! If you call within the next hour to buy my product, you’ll get an extra half ounce for only $2,000,000! Must be 9 years or younger to order. - sadical

I don't mean pop up ads I mean people who tell you to go to another website - simpsondude

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7 People who don't know what an opinion is

I know a guy who can't respect opinions - codgtamk34

NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva in a nutshell. - Userguy44


These people are so annoying! Not everyone has to like or dislike the same things as someone else. This was actually me 8 months ago... - allamassal

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8 Elite Rustlers

Indeed. As long as they are imposed as a threat, but I don't see any harm being flung at me. - Kevinsidis

We found some crybabies here - DarkBoi-X

Rustlers are cyberbullies! They say potty words that are for the bathroom and not the tokens!

Tokens? Also, stop whining. I don't care for rustling, but whiners are probably even more annoying. - Cyri

Getting people ticked off somehow makes you popular. However, people that are nice and treat people with respect and are unique get rejected. What's happening to this world? - Ultron123

As far as I'm concerned rustlers only tick off oversensitive and immature idiots so rustlers are actually good. - DarkBoi-X

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9 Perverts

I know so many of here! - BorisRule

True. But that's on the person themselves if he/mainly she posted nude photos of themselves.

Yes! - Userguy44

I know a few - iliekpiez

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10 Racists

Liking Trump does not mean people are racist. - Maddox121

I never heard anyone who was racist before.. I don't know if Trump is really racist - FerrariDude64

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11 People who can't take a joke People who can't take a joke

I'm most offended by the comic sans. - Cyri

People who can't take a joke should not be on the internet at all, I made a joke about Hillary Clinton supporters being blocked and now some Hillary clinton fan is getting triggered over my joke! - B1ueNew

How is this not higher? , These people shouldn't be on the internet at all if they can't take a simple joke (cough cough most of Gen 18 cough) - B1ueNew

Basically my whole family - The_gEEK_GamEr9

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12 5-year olds 5-year olds

They are already banned. - shadomatrix

Well I think you should be a teen when joining this site - codgtamk34

I see mental 5 year olds here.

They are banned. Since they don't apply to the age minimum of this site, they can't join.

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13 Haters

Correction: Obsessive haters. (You know, people who spend their lives bashing things) - codgtamk34

Dab on the haters - sadical

Haters gonna hate! - Userguy44

If someone hates me. I'll block that user. - Userguy44

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14 Nazis

Hitler is the worst

How is this not higher. - B1ueNew

15 Hypocrites

KH haters

16 People who beg for followers

Guess what? How about you earn your followers instead for asking for followers. - RadioHead03

You have to deserve followers and not beg to get them. - Userguy44

I really do not care about followers; but I do care about the quality of content that I put out on the site. - iliekpiez

I don't give a damn about my follower number. As long as my content is well received I'll go with it.

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17 Furries Furries

Only rabid ones, not good ones - BorisRule

Only the toxic ones, as someone who's a furry and dang proud of it! - tonyb500

Only the yiffers. - RoseWeasley

Not all furries should be blocked. I am a good furry. - Ilovestephanie

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18 People with disgusting fetishes

(Cough) Submarine Man (Cough) - xandermartin98

More people probably have them than you think, not that I can talk here. But being open about it is just wrong. - Cyri

19 Vandals

Gimmie food, gimmie fries, gimmie salad on the side
Cause all of my friends are eating steak and snow
Ooh, you're a sad dog
Let's sue McDonald's, feel your vitamin substitutes

Hamburger buns
Cream cheese

Shopping! - Cyri

Go see jimmynutrin's account. I dare you.

Fighting flames of fire
Hang on to burning wires
We don’t care anymore
Cause this comment is related to the item
I like Overwatch
I’m a Hanzo main
My favorite color is blue
One time, I went on a Ferris wheel
My ceiling at my house is blue
I hate doomfist - mistyglow

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20 Attention Whores

You have to earn it, bud. - Cyri

The item gave me attention to comment on it - FerrariDude64


21 Al-Qaeda

Why would terrorists wanted to come up here get the cia get the CIA!


Terrorists go on this small site? Oh god. - B1ueNew

nah - iliekpiez

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22 Weeaboos

I truly feel bad for the degenerates who fall in love with anime characters, and go as far as to claim them as their waifus and husbandos. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

23 Fanboys/girls

Beliebers! - Userguy44

Yeah, this happens. But I do become obessed with things. - iliekpiez

I love Billie Eilish, Halsey, Fall Out Boy, and Twenty One Pilots! They are the best! They make me live forever! Listen to their music right this second! - mistyglow

I'm a Marilyn Manson fangirl.
Oh no! I should be banned!

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24 People who are obsessed with porn

Keep your porn collection to yourselves! - BorisRule

That stuff shouldn't be shared here anyway - codgtamk34

We know a user like that - iliekpiez

Disgusting! - Userguy44

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25 Nostalgiatards

Rocko's Modern Life is good but is definitely a B-tier show rather than an actual A-tier show (Courage The Cowardly Dog, Adventure Time and the definitive episodes of Spongebob Squarepants and The Ren & Stimpy Show, by the way, easily prove this) - xandermartin98

A lot of music today sucks but that doesn't make this time suck. - LightningStrike

The 2010s are better than the 1940s - codgtamk34

These people voted 2010s for the worst decade over deecades with wars and plagues because of MUSIC!, my gosh these people are man childs! - B1ueNew

26 Bots

Because Jackie Evancho is overrated and Justin Bieber is overhated. I don't like Justin Bieber, but he doesn't deserve to be "the most evil person in history" or "the modern hitler". - shadomatrix

The thing that post Justin Bieber on almost every list.

Bot= any visitor who votes for something you don't like.

Unless you take voting power away from visitors, bots will keep crawling back and forth.

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27 People who make lists only about one thing

I do that as well - codgtamk34

I make mostly music lists, is there anything wrong with that? - Userguy44

I only make miscellaneous lists. - sadical

Which is why my brother abandoned his old account.

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28 Metal Haters

They have opinions too. Metal elitists can be annoying too. - Userguy44

The extremes of both sides are annoying. - Cyri

And the Metalheads - iliekpiez

The Haters are way worse than the fans are hate me but this is my opinion - christangrant

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29 Beliebers

This is an opinion there's only 1 bad song by him - MChkflaguard_Yt

Yes I had to put this up here - simpsondude


So your taste in music makes you annoying?
I don't like Justin Bieber, but just because you like his songs, you are annoying

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30 Aggressive People

Die, you aggressive people! Die, I say! - Cyri

31 People who get easily offended
32 People from North Carolina

Why me? Did someone put this down just to trick me? I'm not surprised. - LightningStrike

Why? There people just like us. - RadioHead03

Some people from there are nice... - sadical

We do not Stan North Carolina people

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33 Pedophiles

What? - BorisRule

Take Shahrukh Khan for a example.

It is evident they add items to lists. Once when I viewed ‘Top 10 Hottest Female Vampires in Film & T.V.’ on the #18 spot was CLAUDIA from IWTV, which is simply and utterly OUTRAGEOUS! And she’s above Lily Munster, who is at least an ADULT! On top of that, MAGGIE and LISA are on ‘Hottest Cartoon Babes’!!! WHY?!!?! - TopTenTed

34 Autism Haters

Yup - codgtamk34

Agreed. - Userguy44

35 People that create lame and useless lists just for the sake of creating a list

Isn't that one of the points of this site? Everybody's a critic... - codgtamk34

Guilty as charged. Sorry. - Britgirl

Sometimes I wish there was a tagging feature on this site. - IronSabbathPriest

Ooh! Here’s me because I’m a dumbass in every way! (please kill me...) - KingSlayer93316

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36 Communists


37 Conspiracy Theorists

I’m a conspiracy theorist. lol. - mistyglow

38 Noobs

That means no new people are going to join. - XxembermasterxX

I joined less than a month ago.
I'm kind of nooby.
Don't block people because they're new!
Then there would only be, like, 1 user


39 Marilyn Manson Fans

I'm pretty sure the person who added this wanted to piss off AnnieCallie - DarkBoi-X

You know, it’s not illegal for someone to like a music artist. - sadical

Yes please - iliekpiez

40 Narcissists

We don’t believe in narcissism when everyone projects and expects you to listen to them - mistyglow

41 SJWs

We don't need anymore Metoo nonsense. They made Procter & Gamble even worse. First Tide pods now Metoo.

42 Snitches

Quidditch teams are sad now. - Cyri

Agreed. - FerrariDude64

43 Metalhead Haters

They are 1000 times worse than the fans ever will be they keep on attacking Metalheads for things that happened A long time ago and can't Seem to move on from it - christangrant

44 Brain Fetishists

You just can't take a joke, can't you?

Umm... what does this mean? - KingSlayer93316


45 Blaze the Cat Fans

More like fans who are way too obsessed with Blaze. - egnomac

Fortunately, a certain Blaze fan here is currently blocked...

Thank God. It's a real shame that he set such a terrible example of Blaze fans to this site's community. - Entranced98

46 Anime Haters

Weeaboos aren't the only toxic side.
Remember the "Die Hentai" comment?
Or people calling us weeaboos over just simply liking anime? - BorisRule

A smell a weeaboo! - XxembermasterxX

All the anime haters need to be quite cause
I have the power of god an anime on my side - The_gEEK_GamEr9

Begone weeb thot.Anime belongs in the trash - DarkBoi-X

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47 Beybladers

Why? - Userguy44

48 Foulmouths
49 Biased People

Everyone's biased for or against something. - Cyri

I don't hate people for having opinions, but the people who do get annoying fast. - allamassal

Then I wouldn't have to deal with that annoying visitor who keeps hating users such as me because I supported Donald Trump.

50 Pirates

I'm tired of getting asked to, "swab the deck" - Plantera

They try to take our money! - Skullkid755

What can I say? - Plantera

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