Types of People Who Should Be Blocked from TheTopTens


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1 Cyberbullies

When I was much younger, I made a list about how the show Clarence is bad, and a guy commented on everything saying mean things about me. One of the things said that he/she wanted to throw me out the window.

Cyber bullying isn't real because the person across the screen knows nothing about you and they aren't doing anything physical to you, it's just random people online, it's all verbal and it shouldn't affect you. - PeeledBanana

Mean people are just mean.

Also, who was posting the stuff about Islam up by Haters and beliebers?

Cyberbullies are just bullies so we could just shorten this to bullies. - DarkBoi-X

No. Bullies physically hurt you and say rude things to your face, People online can't do that - B1ueNew

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2 Trolls

I think there's at least one troll on this site... - Turkeyasylum

They are so annoying - simpsondude

I'm kinda okay with trolls if they manage to be hilarious, but if they're just unfunny and trolling this site, then no. - styLIShT

Some trolls like JBL and BarneyTheDinosaurRocks are hilarious, - B1ueNew

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3 Spammers

I have gotten messages from many people that are not only random links, but immature sayings like "wanna fight" and "I want to"

And they follow it up with "just a joke."

Well no. - naFrovivuS

Right now, you can get a deal on amazon if you buy $1,000,000 worth of my bad products, you will get a bunch of free money and a trip to Arizona and a new car! - mistyglow

Spam voting is probably the biggest problem on the site, at least as far as I know. - Gg2000

Spam voting is an issue, but it isn't necessarily something that goes against any policies of TTT. Spam voting is however, something we as users can go against ourselves. - isaaonrtdmtr

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4 Elite Rustlers

Getting people ticked off somehow makes you popular. However, people that are nice and treat people with respect and are unique get rejected. What's happening to this world? - Ultron123

Needs to be first. They just try to offend people and attack them just because said person doesn't like them. They're really just bullies. - Element119

This should be first, I hate these types of people - Neonco31

People are going to call me oversensitive for saying I don’t like rustlers, but I don’t. They take things way, way too far and just say “I’m a rustler, it’s what we do.” - mistyglow

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5 Advertisers

I don't mean pop up ads I mean people who tell you to go to another website - simpsondude

I've received random messages with links to copyrighted videos. Well done advertisers. - naFrovivuS

Hate when people send me their new lists, right on the block list - PeeledBanana

Well they got to make money somehow. - RoseRedFlower

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6 Immature People

I guess I'm blocked from this site - NikoX

I’m mature you big poopy butt crack - pupcatdog

7 Idiots

Keep seeing people who don't know what they're talking about. Like thinking Martin Luther is the man who was a part of the Civil Rights Movement (Martin Luther King Jr. was a part of the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther helped form the Protestant Church). People should start doing their research

Idiocy is something that's not very controllable on the internet. - isaaonrtdmtr

8 Haters

Why people hate each others, we are all for one source is humanity - belarbi

Nothing is bad with haters because they just share opinions on a site where you can share opinions.

They're really annoying they bash someone just for liking something - simpsondude


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9 People who don't know what an opinion is

These people are so annoying! Not everyone has to like or dislike the same things as someone else. This was actually me 8 months ago... - allamassal

Some people don't understand that opinions are subjective. - styLIShT

*points at 6ix9ine fans* - StarlightSpanks

People keep yelling at me because of my opinion. It’s kinda like a sort of “Be like me” thing on this site. It’s super annoying - KingSlayer93316

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10 Attention Whores

The item gave me attention to comment on it - FerrariDude64

*cough cough* RainbowDashSucks755


The Newcomers

? People who overhate on Trump
? Marilyn Manson Fans

Yes please - iliekpiez

Oh my god yes. - CharismaticKat

The Contenders

11 5-year olds

They just start crying to take something off the list and can't take an opinion - simpsondude

All they do is disrespect opinions on Avengers infinity war and Star wars - B1ueNew

Those who made those sexist, racist lists. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Unless if you lie your age, 5 year olds can’t even sign up for this site. - MrCoolC

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12 People who beg for followers

Followers aren't everything on this site. - Turkeyasylum

Just like on YouTube - simpsondude

I really do not care about followers; but I do care about the quality of content that I put out on the site. - iliekpiez

Follow me now! I’m the best user ever! You’ll get $1,000,000 if you just press the follow button on your bro misty glow! - mistyglow

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13 Perverts

Hmm, there IS one on this site and yeah he/she should be banned. - CharismaticKat

I know of one. - RiverClanRocks

I know a few - iliekpiez

14 Al-Qaeda

Isis first. - FerrariDude64

what - PeeledBanana

nah - iliekpiez

15 Aggressive People

Die, you aggressive people! Die, I say! - Cyri

16 Vandals

Fighting flames of fire
Hang on to burning wires
We don’t care anymore
Cause this comment is related to the item
I like Overwatch
I’m a Hanzo main
My favorite color is blue
One time, I went on a Ferris wheel
My ceiling at my house is blue
I hate doomfist - mistyglow

At night, I think of you...
Dragged ya' down below, down to the devil's show...
Pikachu is a virgin...
What is love? Baby hurt me, hurt me no more...
Leedle leedle leedle - EliHbk

17 Racists

I never heard anyone who was racist before.. I don't know if Trump is really racist - FerrariDude64

eh - iliekpiez

18 Furries Furries

Depends. Are they the good side of the fandom, or the bad side? - Cyri

I have never seen any around here. Maybe they were already blocked. - isaaonrtdmtr

Not all furries should be blocked. I am a good furry. - Ilovestephanie

Just the perverted ones - SIC

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19 Fanboys/girls

They wont stop talking about some stupid YouTube channel or game - simpsondude

I love Marvel! Loki is the best, Fall out boy and Panic at the disco=most awesome things ever!
You do realize I'm not being serious right? - CharismaticKat

Yeah, this happens. But I do become obessed with things. - iliekpiez

I love Billie Eilish, Halsey, Fall Out Boy, and Twenty One Pilots! They are the best! They make me live forever! Listen to their music right this second! - mistyglow

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20 People who make lists only about one thing

I mean, it's nice to have variety in your content but by no means people who make lists about the same stuff deserve to be blocked, as long as their lists are pretty decent - styLIShT

I have a new list making topic every week so I can avoid this. - Wolftail

So many WWE lists! These people are to blame. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I do. (Movies) - iliekpiez

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21 Biased People

Then I wouldn't have to deal with that annoying visitor who keeps hating users such as me because I supported Donald Trump.

22 People who are obsessed with porn

We know a user like that - iliekpiez

For example, the perv who added “porn movies” to the “best things” list - KingSlayer93316

23 Metal Haters

The Haters are way worse than the fans are hate me but this is my opinion - christangrant

Metal is just annoying, it is too loud and is very overrated. Some even say that metal haters have a single digit IQ index. - MChkflaguard_Yt

And the Metalheads - iliekpiez

24 Beliebers

Yes I had to put this up here - simpsondude

This is an opinion there's only 1 bad song by him - MChkflaguard_Yt


So your taste in music makes you annoying?
I don't like Justin Bieber, but just because you like his songs, you are annoying

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25 Weeaboos
26 Hypocrites

KH haters

27 People with disgusting fetishes
28 People that create lame and useless lists just for the sake of creating a list

Guilty as charged. Sorry. - Britgirl

Sometimes I wish there was a tagging feature on this site. - IronSabbathPriest

Ooh! Here’s me because I’m a dumbass in every way! (please kill me...) - KingSlayer93316

29 People from North Carolina

Especially if they are Duke fans. Lol - Randomator

definitely - iliekpiez

What? - Cyri

What the

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30 Conspiracy Theorists

I’m a conspiracy theorist. lol. - mistyglow

31 Hillary Clinton Supporters

Only people who think Hillary Clinton Supporters should be banned should be banned.

Whoever put this here, for example - Solacress

Awful - B1ueNew

32 Noobs

I joined less than a month ago.
I'm kind of nooby.
Don't block people because they're new!
Then there would only be, like, 1 user

33 Snitches

Agreed. - FerrariDude64

34 Narcissists

We don’t believe in narcissism when everyone projects and expects you to listen to them - mistyglow

35 People who can't take a joke

People who can't take a joke should not be on the internet at all, I made a joke about Hillary Clinton supporters being blocked and now some Hillary clinton fan is getting triggered over my joke! - B1ueNew

How is this not higher? , These people shouldn't be on the internet at all if they can't take a simple joke (cough cough most of Gen 18 cough) - B1ueNew

Basically my whole family - The_gEEK_GamEr9

36 Evangelicals
37 Metalhead Haters

They are 1000 times worse than the fans ever will be they keep on attacking Metalheads for things that happened A long time ago and can't Seem to move on from it - christangrant

38 Brain Fetishists

Umm... what does this mean? - KingSlayer93316

You just can't take a joke, can't you? - TheYoshiPyro64

*cough cough* XanderMartin98


39 "Special" people

How dare they be retarded!

How dare they be retarted? What is wrong with people with disabilities? It isn't their fault, and you shouldn't be picking on them. - Minecraftcrazy530

Special in what sense? In this modern society people use the word "special" to describe people with any disabilities. If you're referring to "special snowflakes" then yeah, I see where you're coming from. - isaaonrtdmtr

40 People who try to force you to like stuff they like

Bandwagoning is already a big problem on here, and this would worsen the situation - styLIShT

How can anyone "force" you to do anything on TTT?
Sounds like a complaint from somebody who can't handle opinions that are different from theirs.

Like my favorite stuff or I’ll unfollow you! - mistyglow

41 Blaze the Cat Fans

More like fans who are way too obsessed with Blaze. - egnomac

Fortunately, a certain Blaze fan here is currently blocked...

Thank God. It's a real shame that he set such a terrible example of Blaze fans to this site's community. - Entranced98

42 Beybladers
43 Foulmouths
44 Pirates

I'm tired of getting asked to, "swab the deck" - Plantera

They try to take our money! - Skullkid755

What can I say? - Plantera

45 Anime Haters

All the anime haters need to be quite cause
I have the power of god an anime on my side - The_gEEK_GamEr9

I'm not a big fan of Anime but there is a difference between a fan and a weeaboo. A fan likes the shows and a weeaboo is a pervert who is sexually attracted to drawings. - Rambles

I don’t like anime, but I don’t “hate” on it. I respect people’s opinions, and if you like anime, I’m fine with that as long as you don’t force me to watch it - KingSlayer93316

46 Rap Haters

Another school dropout again - MChkflaguard_Yt


47 Muslims

Remove this, you should not discriminate against different religions - Neonco31

Racist? Did Islam get upgraded from a belief system to a race? Who knew!

What do you against them? - PatrickStar

This needs to be removed. - Cyri

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48 Anonymous visitors

Why? I mean, this mean anonymous visitor deserves it, but most anonymous visitors are just like people with an account.

I'm certainly not the only one who thinks that visitors should have to make an account to be allowed to vote, comment, or do ANYTHING expect look at content. If other social media sites do this, why not TTT? - isaaonrtdmtr


Don’t say that! -mistyglow the visitor who logged out

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49 Bots

Unless you take voting power away from visitors, bots will keep crawling back and forth. - isaaonrtdmtr

Bot= any visitor who votes for something you don't like.

You can't really block bots. They're everywhere.

50 People who say, "Teh"

Oh yeah man, totally agree. People who say, "the" deserve to rot in the deepest, darkest pits of hell and be hit with a 50-year old metal whip for all eternity. God, I hate those people.

Why the hell isn't this number 1 on "the" list.

I think I did this accidentally once or twice. - isaaonrtdmtr

The best song of the yeer is the Dora theem song

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