Community Debating Discussion #18 Revisit Cyberbullying

htoutlaws2012 In this episode, I am going to not only make it more detailed, but also show you how relevant cyberbullying currently stands today, Plus my original post got choppy I say do not go to it just read along.

I feel this is a very serious matter that many users are by now aware of the term, let's not explain it again, in this case there are different forms of power of cyberbullying. The first being manipulative power over the victims. Making them feel bad, while they are satisfied in spreading depression (sick human beings). Like the most common ''KYS'' (kill your self) you see on various messages, and comments. There's a greater difference in trying to be a calm and understanding individual, then to be someone who intentional thinks its funny to make fun of others to make there demise more miserable then that already had. Hey remember Phantommilita? well we had not known he mysteriously retired out of no where until discovering what it could of been. All because of his takes on (correct me) Loud House. The visitors all gang up on him to the point where he must have felt uncomfortable due to that criticism. Words and emotions can have power, and unfortunately make others leave for good. I mean you could also throw in sexting as a form, but its more phone relate, but it fits in because technically it is electronic that qualifies. This alternate type is very common to the point you know something is wrong when you receive creepy messages such as ''take you clothes off, or else I know where you live.'' Its almost like something you could make that into a horror film more less. Heck another example would be playing on a console, or a PC. Everyone else is trying to have fun then suddenly, you get a again creepy message, and or more embarrassing everyone can hear you in this conversation. My problem with this is why does not anyone speak up when someone is that uncomfortable. the final type of cyberbullying is in a trolling method. Everyone is starting to catch on to this, I as well. While it might tarnish the legacy of Puga, yet look around the other types of ''rustlers'' if you will who are like that, but you are not suppose to take them seriously. The victim I feel bad for in this case is element, I get why people hate on lucretia, but what did element do to trigger an attack on her page for no less directly at her? I get along just fine with these users, its just someone has to have to speak up to stand up for what seems right, and what's wrong.

Now tell me something would you stand up for a victim that is taken a ton of abuse from cyberbullies? If so what is the passion you go off of. Until next time, let's get along, and get back to square one.