Top 10 Types of People Who Shouldn't Be Considered Human


The Top Ten

1 Pedophiles Pedophiles
2 Child Molesters
3 Murderers Murderers
4 Rapists Rapists
5 Social Justice Warriors Social Justice Warriors

*Cough* Metoo *Cough*

6 People who Vape or Juul

Honestly I have no respect for these people - Randomator

7 Terrorists Terrorists

This should be at the top - BorisRule

8 People who normalize Pedophilia

These people are idiots - Randomator

9 Sadists Sadists
10 P.E.T.A members

If they hurt another animal I'm setting them on fire. - RoseWeasley

Yes - BorisRule

They make the most ridiculous arguments for why you shouldn’t drink milk or eat meat - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Communists Communists
12 Neo-Nazis Neo-Nazis
13 Democrats Democrats

That makes sense...
Not biased at all. - JoLeKosovo

14 Conservatives
15 Left Wingers
16 Suicide Bombers
17 Hate Groups
18 Jihadists

Same with terrorists - BorisRule

19 Memers
20 Neo-liberals
21 The Alt-Right
22 Bullies Bullies
23 Animal Abusers
24 Satanists Satanists
25 Child Abusers Child Abusers
26 Neo-Fascists
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