Top 10 Types of People Who Shouldn't Be Considered Human

The Top Ten

1 Pedophiles

They abusing funder aged people, mostly children

2 Child Molesters
3 Murderers
4 Rapists

They do sexual violence and make you stamp in your back. They tourtuerd you

5 Social Justice Warriors

*Cough* Metoo *Cough*

6 People who Vape or Juul

Honestly I have no respect for these people - Randomator

7 Terrorists

This should be at the top

They kill people so much brutal

8 People who normalize Pedophilia

These people are idiots - Randomator

9 Sadists

They are just disgusting, the punching nails un your ears

10 P.E.T.A members

If they hurt another animal I'm setting them on fire. - RoseWeasley

Yes - BorisRule

They make the most ridiculous arguments for why you shouldn’t drink milk or eat meat - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Communists
12 Neo-Nazis

They are the worst, they run hitler behind and hates moslems and jews and typical racist

13 Democrats

That makes sense...
Not biased at all. - JoLeKosovo

14 Conservatives
15 Left Wingers
16 Suicide Bombers
17 Hate Groups
18 Jihadists

Same with terrorists - BorisRule

19 Memers
20 Neo-liberals
21 The Alt-Right
22 Bullies

They grab you with their hands on you, they ruin your scool day and make your life worse.

23 Animal Abusers
24 Satanists
25 Child Abusers

They are horrible humans, they rape young kids and abusing them sexually

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