Top 10 Types of People Who Shouldn't Reproduce

These people are so stupid they shouldn't reproduce. I bet the parents of these people regret reproducing now.
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1 Anti Vaxxers

Flat-Earthers are just dumb and refuse to listen to any other opinions. Anti-vaxxers are downright dangerous, not only for their children, if they have any, but to other people as well. Some people actually believe these idiots, so then they do one of two things: 1. They start stressing out, thinking their child's gonna get affected for the worst, or 2. They refuse to vaccinate their kids, which could eventually cause them to die.

I thought SJW's were the worst type of people in the world. I've changed my mind quite a lot now that these "humans" have emerged from the depths of whatever void they came from.
Vaccines do NOT cause Autism, and even if they did, would you rather have an autistic child, or a dead child?

These parents are gonna risk their kids to die from new diseases just to prevent them from "becoming autistic". Truly despicable.

LMAO these people seriously need a noose.I mean these people think vaccines cause autism which is false.Second,without vaccines your kids would die from polio or measles which are much worse than autism.So in my opinion this is child abuse because you want your kid to die before they even reach 3rd grade.

Even if vaccines caused homosexuality or autism, I'd rather have a gay/autistic child than a dead child.

2 Flat Earthers

They're dumb. There was literally a debate in my school about this and kids where just screaming "FLAT" or "ROUND" Across the room and I was just sitting there holding my head the entire time about the stupidity I was witnessing.

Why do people think Earth is flat? Pictures of Earth online shows it is indeed a sphere

I saw a picture of what theese people look like. Rose-tinted glasses, ugly faces, and one of them looks like a conehead

I swear these people must be elementary school dropouts.

3 Social Justice Warriors

They're ruining America, just look at how much news outlets have a SJW bias. I don't like Trump but how in the hell is he a white supremacist. The only race that he could possibly be racist to is Mexicans. Plus not every single white cis male is the devil

Don't try and project your white guilt on those of us who are perfectly comfortable with who we are. Also don't use "social justice" as an excuse for your own poor life choices.

I don't think must of the people on this site know what an SJW is, it isn't about white guilt, or a person be made about poor life choices.
It is about fighting inequality and societal prejudices

Just a bunch of white people with dyed hair who are filled with "white guilt"

4 Pedophiles

Pedophilia is a mental disorder, they don't need hate they need support to help them control their disorder.

Maggie Pesky would agree after what I've just recently written about her (shudders)

I don't even want to think about what they will do to their kids.

Feed them to the Titans (Attack on Titan)

5 Alt Right

Right wing equivalent of social justice warriors and they're just wannabe fascists.

These people are the reason I wind up ranting every time I see the news. I’m sick of their intolerance.

6 Communists

Maybe, but how about the ones that blindly idealize with communism without doing their research on its strengths and weaknesses. You know these kinds of communists are the ones that shouldn't reproduce.

No explanation needed here.

7 Rapists
8 Fascists

No explanation needed here

9 ISIS supporters

That's what pedophiles are

10 Kids

Unfortunately, this happens in some Islamic countries.

What do you expect? Kids having a family on their own!? But they should reproduce once they’re grown up.

Those mtv shows glorify it.

Too young

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11 Brain Fetishists
12 Terrorists

These cause destruction, so they shouldn't exist

13 Lolicon Fans

Rabid lolicon fans are so annoying

14 Feminists

Because you call some of them angry and complain about anything even some Classic Christmas song? (Oh and Tom Jones sang it)
When women are called dumber than men because of the size of the brain.
Some avatar made years ago throw rocks at boys. Some equal pay thing.
Lets not forget overhate for all the pop music and Twilight books.

And why shouldn't they reproduce, is there something wrong with fighting for equality?
extreme feminist shouldn't reproduce

Especially Nazi-Feminists who think women are superior to men. We are equal...

This item is kinda pointless. Aren't they pro abortion?

15 Neo-Nazis

Self explanatory.

16 Murderers
17 Holocaust Deniers
18 People Who Cannot Take a Joke

The problem is that people speak their true feeling and then when people get mad they say it was a joke come on can't you take a joke.
If people are constantly being offended by your joke, it isn't all the people around you not being able to take a joke but you not knowing how to make a joke.

If you can't take a joke, do what I would do and joke back harder. People may really detest you but it's worth it to show them you're not one to mess with.

Tired of people who think they're being bullied or harassed because they get offended by a joke.Not just edgy jokes but even jokes that most normies find funny can offend these butthurt crybabies.

You guys know that just if some random guy has a hard time taking jokes, doesn't mean that his kids will

19 People Who Cannot Take Opinions

There is a difference between people who can't take an opinion an a person that forces their opinion on them and get offended when the person gets pissed off

20 Wrong Generation Kids

These are the most hypocritical people alive. I’ve seen some wrong generation kids say that their generation is full of special snowflakes, even if they treat themselves like they’re better than other people of their generation.

I could go on about how dumb these nostalgiatards are but that would be long so yeah.

They act like they’re so special because they think they’re the only 11 year old in the world that listens to The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. They also attack anyone who likes anything from today.

Current generation is not that bad

21 Rule 34 Artists

Eww... Rule 34. Just the thought of the website makes me throw up inside of my mouth

I've seen so many of these on instagram! MUST STOP THIS!

22 Kid Swatters
23 White Supremacists

I think you mean "Proud HWITE American Supremacists"

24 People Who Use Dog Ear Filters on Snapchat

Those filters make their faces look punchable in my opinion

Worse than anything on this list by far

What's so bad about these? Just asking. :/

Degenerates who have ruined dogs.

25 Shotacon Fans
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