Top Ten Types of People With the Best Work Ethic


The Top Ten

1 Ranchers

Taking care of horses and cattle is so hard and dangerous! - diehardbarrelbabe

2 Farmers

This contains, horseback riders/ horse farms especially, and dairy farmers, pig, chicken, beef and others too. - diehardbarrelbabe

It sounds awful. I'd never want to care for an animal or spend hours laboring in the fields for the purpose of someday chopping them down and killing them for food. For myself or other people. It's a grim job, I imagine. Morality must have to be tested dailer. - keycha1n

Farmers life is very hard working, full year he do hard work after that he got some profit he is our food provoidar

3 Oil Field Workers

I hate fracking but whatever. - diehardbarrelbabe

4 Mechanics

My dad was a mechanic, rancher, and farmer and points in his life and he is the hardest worker you will ever meet. - diehardbarrelbabe

5 Maids

They work so hard. - diehardbarrelbabe

6 Athletes

All the exercise is terrible! - diehardbarrelbabe

7 Doctors

They stay up so late and save so many lives. - diehardbarrelbabe

They are awesome. Good job Docs! - Pony

8 Amish

Don't even get me started on how hard of workers they are. - diehardbarrelbabe

9 City Dwellers
10 Nurses
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