Types of People You See in Public

In public you see all sorts of people. From the mum with 5 whining children to the creepy old man, here are some of the people we see in public places such as waiting rooms, shops, movie theatres, zoos, on trains, etc

The Top Ten

1 Psycho Middle Aged Dad

Middle age dad who always cusses and yells loudly at his children and throws belts, shoes and keys at them. - Lunala

2 Stroller Mum

I see this quite often in elementary school

Mum with a big stroller and a bunch of littlies - Two babies, a toddler and a six year old girl obsessed with Elsa. Stroller Mums clog shopping isles with their stroller, and their kids cause trouble on trains/busses by crying/screaming and in resturants they eat messily and throw tantrums over desserts. Stroller mums demonize all teenagers. - Lunala

3 Pedophile

The creepy old man who sits on the bench/shady part of the vehicle and watches everyone walk past. Avoid at all costs. - Lunala

4 Teenager Groups

That's why I hate the public ALWAYS and other vile beings! - Kevinsidis

Groups of teenagers you see walking around. A mixed bag. Ranges from basic girls obsessed with unicorns and Pusheens right through to suspicious wangsters/wannabe gangsters who are candidates for shoplifting who also make weed jokes. - Lunala

5 Noisy Kids

Usually large groups of 7-11 year olds who are noisy. Generally harmless but do create lots of noise, and there are usually 4-10 of them. Usually seen at parks or in the PlayPlace, anywhere aimed at kids or with a playground. - Lunala

6 Seat Kickers

Planes? School bus? Train? Public bus? Movie Theatre? Cafe? High class resturant or cheap greasy fast food? Seat Kickers, usually little kids that annoy you by kicking your seat. Can and will happen anywhere with seats and hyperactive, noisy little kids. - Lunala

7 Popcorn Muncher

At the movies there’s always that one person who crunches their popcorn loudly. - Lunala

8 Little Commentator

Little kid who talks and asks questions during movie. Eg:

Movie: *Shrek says ogres are like onions*
Kid: WHAT THAT MEAN? - Lunala

9 Stereotypical Walmart Customer

Basically anyone society considers to be weird (Like a creepy old man wearing a pink frilly tutu, or a guy with an Elsa dress and a horse head mask, and in some cases a mad cat lady with six ACTUAL LIVE cats in a stroller.). Usually at Walmart (duh).

Australia (and other countries) has no Walmart so it must be missing out right? Wrong! Weird people also show up at McDonalds! Mickey D’s is literally the Walmart of fast food.

Both Wally World and Maccas have cheap food/items so both attract what society considers to be the weirder and poorer people. - Lunala

10 Autist

Rude - ds567

HEY I'm aa well-behaved autist and I find this highly offensive! >:(

The Contenders

11 Bad Parker

Person who is awful at parking and takes up multiple car parks. Annoying, especially if the shops are busy and car parking is scarce.

Mostly just clueless old people (some old people drive well but some that I know don’t) or amateur learners, but some people are pure lazy or selfish. - Lunala

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