Top 10 Types of Personalities to Be Friends With

This is a list based on Carl Jung's and Isabel Briggs Myer's personality type theory. Ut basically devides the personalities to 16 groups. If you haven't heard of it yet, check it out here :
Believe me, you'll be surprised.
This list is about those types of friends who, by most types of people, are considered to be the best. And finally, this is the list :

The Top Ten

1 INFP (Mediator)

These natural therapists are truely "healers", and as a good F.R.I.E.N.D, they'll be there for you. They would be serious, they would be sarcastic, but most importantly, they would fight for their loved ones. - alimarashian

2 ENFP (Campaigner)

One may remember Pheobe Buffay from Friends, well, what kind of friend would you like more? - alimarashian

This is mine!

3 ESTP (Entrepreneur)

They can be serious when they feel it is necessary, but also clown funny. - alimarashian

4 ESFJ (Consul)

They would be really caring, it's infp level we're talking about. - alimarashian

5 ESFP (Entertainer)

Well, the name kinda speaks for itself. Who doesn't need a person to cheer them up alittle? - alimarashian

6 ESTJ (Executive)

Everyone needs a person in their life to be like this, just to know how much having a plan or controlling stuff can be important. Plus they're reasonable, so convincing them wouldn't be that hard if you're actually right. They are Judging, but once they care about someone, they wouldn't let him/her go, at least my friend hasn't yet! - alimarashian

7 ISFJ (Defender)

True to it's name, they are always there to defend their loved ones. - alimarashian

My best friend is an ISFJ, and she is one of the nicest and loyal people I have ever met. She knows her limits and will do anything to defend her loved ones. This is true with many ISFJs. They can practically be friends with anyone and are usually very pleasant company. ISFJs are devoted to their loved ones and will put off their own needs to take care of others, and are very suit for the title of the 'Defender.'
They are very amazing individuals and will do almost anything for others―as long as they are doing it for a good cause. They will blend in and accept lots of personality types, such as INFJs (such as myself), ESFPs, ENFPs, ISFPs, INFPs, and many more. They will often accept you for who you are and stay true to the ones they care about. - LuanTheHetalianRavenclaw

8 INFJ (Advocate)

Much like INFP s, these mystical people can also be amazing idealists. - alimarashian

9 ISTJ (Logistician)

These are those fact-minded to it's max kinda people, but you've gotta admit having those people is important and somehow necessary. - alimarashian

10 ISFP (Adventurer)

Ready to be there and explore something new with you. - alimarashian

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