Top 10 Best Types of Pizzas


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1 Pepperoni

I don't like pepperoni but I respect your opinion - RoseCandyMusic

Pepperoni's my favorite. - Fullwalking

Pepperownee is prete cool. I love my paparowny. - TheRealNickiMinaj

2 Margherita

Truly the best. It' delicious, I love it. - Fan_of_Good_Music

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3 Hawaiian

Hawaiian is only the greatest pizza to ever have been forged in an oven

I'm the only one who likes Hawaii

I love Hawaiian pizza - RoseCandyMusic

How come 3rd place... Nasty, umproposable pizza

4 Sausage
5 Supreme

It has all the ingredients for your stomach

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6 Cheese

So simple, so brilliant

Mozzarella, cedar, provealone, Swiss, Monterey jack etc - Ihaskitty1234

My 3rd favorite type of pizza - RoseCandyMusic

Damn. this is so good - KapiteinKaas

7 Capricciosa

For a picky person like me, this is the best option as IT has common ingredients

8 Sunny Side Up
9 Meat lovers
10 Grilled

The Contenders

11 Buffalo Chicken

It's awesome tastes great if you love spicy stuff

12 BBQ Chicken
13 Seafood
14 Sweet Chilli Beef
15 Broccoli Deep Dish
16 3 Meat
17 Chicken and Ham

Good accompaniment to prevent weight gain both nipples

This is a winner in my book. - BKAllmighty

18 Chicago Style
19 Hamburger
20 Beef and Onion
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1. Hawaiian
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1. Pepperoni
2. Hawaiian
3. Supreme
1. Sausage
2. Cheese
3. Pepperoni

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