Top 10 Best Types of Pizzas


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1 Pepperoni

The absolute best! No one can "top" this pizza! Sigh...puns.

Well its pepperoni

I don't like pepperoni but I respect your opinion - RoseCandyMusic

Pepperoni's my favorite. - Fullwalking

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2 Margherita

What the hell nobody except damn alcoholic s like margaritas on the ending pizza


Amazing - Johnalove

Truly the best. It' delicious, I love it. - Fan_of_Good_Music

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3 Hawaiian

I've only had it a couple of times but I really like the taste

Who the hell put this on? Hawaiian is horrible - USGC

Invented in canada

All my friends think Iā€™m weird but I love Hawaiian pizza! The flavor works strangely well

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4 Cheese

Better than Hawaiian - King_Geedorah87

Best - 23windomt

Best food ever.-TheCoolGuy1

So simple, so brilliant

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5 Sausage

How is this not top 3!

I love it so yummy!

6 BBQ Chicken
7 Capricciosa

Capricciosa is the best kind of pizza. From the fresh mushrooms, to the artichokes, to the Italian ham, everything about it is great.

For a picky person like me, this is the best option as IT has common ingredients

8 Supreme

Extra everything - wickedclown0283

It has all the ingredients for your stomach

It truly is supreme

9 Chicken and Ham

Good accompaniment to prevent weight gain both nipples

This is a winner in my book. - BKAllmighty

10 3 Meat

Meat taste good - USGC

The Contenders

11 Seafood

Sea food great me speaky goody

To the people who don't like seafood, they can go suck their thumbs

12 Simply Cheese

Nothing wrong with just cheese

This should be #1!

13 Meat lovers

It is an absolute masterpiece forged from the ovens in heaven

14 Taco
15 Sunny Side Up
16 Ham

I love ham - RoseCandyMusic

17 Buffalo Chicken

I LOVE spicy foods! Buffalo Chicken, Pepperoni, and Cheese Pizzas are all the best!

It's awesome tastes great if you love spicy stuff

Little whore

18 Grilled
19 Alfredo, Chicken and Bacon

This one is also really good

God's Choice Foods.

20 Pineapple
21 Chicago Style


22 Hamburger
23 Beef and Onion
24 Broccoli Deep Dish
25 Mushroom

Yep I like mushroom - RoseCandyMusic

26 Sweet Chilli Beef
27 Fruit
28 Frozen Peanut Butter
29 Vegorama
30 Florentine
31 Chocolate

Chocolate might be not the best type of pizza but it taste like pie.

Chocolate would be good for a pizza cookie, especially when it's melted. šŸ«šŸŖšŸ˜‹

32 Greek
33 Peanut
34 Apple Pizza


35 Stuffed Crust
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