Top Ten Types of Roller Coaster Inversions


The Top Ten

1 Cobra Roll

First of all cobra roll is an awesome name. Second of all these are AWESOME. They are such a big thrill chuck norris wet his pants while doing one.

I have to vote for the Cobra Roll, just because it's 2 inversions, and you even get a little bit of airtime in these. Not to mention, they're awesome when it's a floorless coaster. The only inversion even close to being as awesome is a Pretzel Loop. - ThatStrangeKid42

2 Corkscrew
3 Batwing
4 Inverted Drop V 1 Comment
5 Heartline Roll
6 Vertical Loop
7 Sea Serpent Roll
8 Zero-G Roll
9 Barrel Roll

Do a barrel roll!

10 Sidewinder

The Contenders

11 Pretzel Loop

Best inversion out there. Cobra Roll is the worst.

The best part of tatsu and manta. - FearTheWeird300

12 Dive Drop

Its actual name is a Wing-Over Drop. - RollerCoaster

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